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Feb 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Remember getting through an airport without removing your shoes, dumping your water bottle or showing ID?  Remember when buying plane tickets by phone was faster than using a clunky Web site with a dial-up connection?  Remember when you needed a guidebook to plan a vacation, and when you had to phone ahead to get directions?  All these things are different now, thanks to two forces that have changed travel and tourism in the last decade profoundly and forever:  Terrorism and technology. 

Long before September 11, 2001, air passengers walked through metal detectors and had their carry-on luggage screened by X-ray.  But these procedures failed to prevent the 9/11 attackers from boarding four jets with knives and box cutters.  Look what happened on the Delta flight to Detroit?  How was he able to do that?  

I found a site called ITA Office of Travel and Tourism Industries to be fascinating as it provides a detailed account of U.S. Citizen Air Traffic to Overseas Regions, Canada & Mexico for 2009. Here you can find monthly departures to international destinations on a facts sheet reported from the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI). 

I am still looking for Around the World Special Airfares just for you (and me!), so Welcome to the AirTreks® TripPlanner.  If you are searching for an easy solution that will help you plan and price your custom route for a Multi-Stop International or Around-the-World journey then you’ve come to a great place for searching. TripPlanner enables you to customize a unique international air itinerary and gives you the freedom to choose an unlimited number of stops without the requirement of entering your travel dates. 

Rarely does one find any airport freebies, however they do exist.  Check out a few here.  Airlines seem to be charging for almost everything from excess baggage to in-flight beverages, but some airports are picking up the slack and offering free perks. Take a look and see if they might fit your itinerary as here is where you can save a buck or two. 

Heading to the airport? These guides to the 25 busiest U.S. airports will let you know the cheapest place to park, the quickest way to get through security, the best options for dining and shopping, real-time flight information and more.   Airport Guides may help you with your travel plans, especially in an airport that is unfamiliar. 

Every heard of Etihad Airways? Me either until I read recently that “It’s official, we are the world’s leading airline.” EtIHADAIR Airways is the National Airline of United Arab Emirates and is worth checking out. 

Quite a switch from Etihad is Cheap Flights. Search the best travel deals, then book your cheap airline tickets with one of their many partners.  They have several Hand Picked Travel Deals. 

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