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Jan 31st, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

My 93 year old Mother and I share in a morning ritual. Sometime between 7 and 8 a.m., we begin our morning. By the time we have settled down for a first cup of coffee, we also share in reading the local paper together.

Her specialty is the variety of ads, particularly grocery ads and coupons, which she finds highly entertaining. We find lots to talk about as we wander through the variety of ads. Hearing aid ads give us a particular brand of laughter as we wonder at the ability of such frequent full page ads, until we discover the high cost of hearing.

The other day we found particular delight in searching for employment in the want ads. At our age,


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Exercise, a Key to Longevity Following our recent move back to the desert, this senior editor decided she needed to add an exercise regimen to her life. She had always ‘worked out’ doing gardening and housework on a daily basis, but it was clear her muscle structure was suffering.  She discovered her new HMO health […]


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If you are a caretaker, i.e. caring for an elderly member of your family in your own home or theirs, one of the issues to be seriously addressed is planning for periodic respite for the caretaker. Those who take on the responsibility of caretaking cannot, should not, sustain a 24/7 caretaking role without breaks.

If you are fortunate enough to have some assistance during the week for the person who is being cared for, that is a welcome relief. The stress of regular caretaking is compounded by the demands and emotional energy required in caretaking. While caretakers are usually sensitive in their response to the variety of needs which emerge, the need for a day off or some time away is an essential part of a caretaking plan.


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Seniors Committed to Eating Well Senior citizens around the world are increasingly committed to eating well.  Along with exercise, research is clear that both contribute to longevity. Fad diets come and go, but good healthy food remains a stable part of the lives of seniors.  You may ask, so what are the good healthy foods?  […]


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This past weekend marked the official and pragmatic closing of one of the colleges my seniors generation attended. It was the oldest junior college in the state of Texas. It had been the launching pad for lots of folk who had groomed themselves for other educational experiences. Lots of sentiment was sold off in an auction of its properties. Lots of memories went up for sale. Only those who had invested part of their lives there knew what those memories represented.

Now, it is gone. You know you are older when all of the schools you attended have fallen to the wrecker’s ball or have been converted to other uses. No more walking those familiar hallways. No more reminiscing in former classrooms, cafeterias, over college pride. From elementary to college now there is nothing left but a museum here, an office there, a proposed business, a faded collection of structures that mean little to most,


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Scammers Are Looking for Your Money Senior Citizen Journal talks about scamming issues and senior citizens a lot.  We here at SCJ believe one of our mission points is to help seniors find ways to avoid becoming a victim of a scam. Scams come in all forms… mail via the United States Postal Service, telephone […]


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Within the past few months, I have been tempted to dive into unknown waters by considering purchasing a piece of real estate sight unseen. After a rather comprehensive search, including submitting several offers, a purchase was made, after taking proper precautions and investigating the home carefully.

Seniors are sometimes subject to quick decisions, unwise purchases, and impulsive acts, lacking in thorough investigation before signing on the bottom line. Some are even guilty of dealing with scam artists, whose chicanery can be very obvious, but nonetheless convincing.

Spending a few dollars to check out credibility, and to be sure that a deal is not something cooked up by


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Social Security Does NOT Cause Budget Issues For those of you who are regular visitors on, this article will be no surprise to you.  We’ve been writing about Social Security and the federal deficit for a couple of years now.  Social Security does not create problems for the federal budget, and it does not […]


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Whether or not the weather affects your mood depends both on you and the weather. Some seniors are met with a daily challenge to take on and win the day. Sharon, my spouse, has had a continuing battle with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, in which cloudy and overcast days seem to pull her down and contribute to depression and otherwise low days. But let the sun come out and she is up and at it.

Of course, some folk claim to be in a down mood, no matter the weather. They seek for and often find some rationale for a depressing state of mind and give permission to this disorder to order their lives.

Weather or not, the day is ours to maneuver. Excluding SAD victims, whatever the weather, our frame of mind and our willingness for the day to be one in which we are productive, ready to take on its challenges,


Jan 22nd, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Yesterday opened an invigorating moment for seniors who are ready for optimism. The crowds, exceeding estimates, at the Washington Mall signaled a new energy, a refreshing readiness, an enthusiasm for a new day.

A shift, definite and wide spread, has begun taking place in America. While some may not have picked up on it quite yet, there is a positive mood beginning to sweep the country. It’s really okay to be optimistic. We’ve had enough of the down side. It’s time to look up, to see the sun shining, to hear laughter, to feel a sense of pride in America, to be a part of a new dynamic, to be caught up by a new determination.

Indicators have been increasing in showing us how that shift is occurring. The mood of America is moving