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Retirement doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. In fact, many doctors will tell you that complete retirement isn’t always good for your health. A better option is semi-retirement, where you continue to contribute to the community while enjoying what you’ve earned — more time for yourself and the family. What you decide to do […]


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The Nature of Research I remember when I was attacking the long and tedious process of research and writing for my doctoral dissertation. I mostly remember the pain and agony of attention to detail. But I also remember my advisers telling me that what I studied had to be transparent, and it had to be […]


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Discarding  Medications Safely Senior citizens are met with the need to discard medications safely for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we need to throw out leftover meds because we no longer take them and/or they have expired. Or we may need to toss them because they no longer are doing the job, and between us […]


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Every time a new concept surfaces on the national scene, there is a flurry of articles about it on the Internet. Some of what is written is obviously biased toward one political camp or another. Such is the case with the chained CPI. We thought trying to take a look at it as objectively as possible might be helpful.

First, the chained CPI is part of President Obama’s 2014 budget plan as it relates to Social Security.

Second, a number of government programs (like Social Security) calculate benefits based on the rate of inflation. Inflation is a measure of changes in the cost of living, which typically increases to one degree or another annually. There are different formula used for calculating changes in the cost of


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Understanding Life Insurance Life insurance isn’t a fun thing to think about, but as senior citizens or soon-to-be senior citizens, it’s something you know you should invest in to protect your family and your life’s work. A recent Forbes study found that two-thirds of life insurance policy holders admit to having a poor understanding of […]

For the Young at Heart: 7 Ways Seniors Can Spice Up Their Life

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Slowing down doesn’t mean growing stale. Whether you’re just about to retire or did so 10 years ago, what are some ways to have an enjoyable everyday life: Unusual Exercise Aerobics, golf and going for walks tend to be the most common forms of exercise among seniors. While great activities, these aren’t your only options. […]


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Jerry has been writing the past couple of weeks about death and dying, loss of loved ones and the importance of family and friends when one is in grief. His mother, Hazel, died Thursday, April 11, 2013. She lived in our home these past six months, with Jerry and Sharon being the primary caregivers. Hospice accepted Hazel in to their tender and competent care in late October, 2012.

More than a year ago, Hazel requested that we take her into our home when we knew death was approaching. She wanted to be cared for by Hospice and us, and she wanted to die in our home. Our agreement was an easy one because we participated in caring for Sharon’s mother 30 years ago, and


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There aren’t words enough to reveal the feelings that come upon the death of a dear, sainted Mother. There aren’t emotions, poured out in tears and agony over the loss of the one who gave you life. There aren’t sentiments eloquent enough to describe the lonely hurt that overtakes you, the sudden flood of tears, the amazing emptiness that overtakes you.

But as the popular song suggests neither is there any “mountain high enough, no valley low enough to keep me from you.”

In spite of the alienation caused by the suddenness of death, the deep and abiding loneliness, the sudden and abrupt separation, one must find ways to keep the loving memory going.


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In the midst of the pain of grief and loss, senior citizens grope around for help and relief. A suggestion for a new app. When life’s inevitable and painful experiences strike, would it not be well to have an application that applies the balm needed to cure the hurt and dissolve the pain?

With so many injuries that seem ready to strike us, when we are already in the midst of pain and hurt, wouldn’t it be useful to have a ready means for relief? Of course, if you believe the ads, it is already there is one form, salve, ointment, precious oil or another. And, we discover most of them don’t work.


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Senior Care in Los Angeles is a Great Option Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Deciding where to spend your golden years is a big decision. For many people, the idea of moving to a new city is one that’s exciting. For others, staying close to friends and family might be the better option. Whether you’re […]