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Ever wondered what you would do, seniors,  if you lost your passport while abroad?  Most of us have… wondered, that is,  but many of us have no idea of where to start.  In my many trips abroad with students it was bound to happen.  My own son could not find his passport as we prepared to leave a town in France.  A girl on the bus had it in her purse from a walking trip in Paris the night before.  I could have _ _ _ _ _ _ him!  Another student could not find her’s and my wife had to take a train with her to Paris to the American Embassy, stay overnight in a hotel, pick it up the next day and take the train back to Normandy to join the group.  She found it the following day in the bus.  It had slipped along side her seat in a groove.  That was an expensive and bad deal!

Anyway seniors, here is some advice and what the U.S. State Department can do to help you.  First you must contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or consulate for assistance.  Be prepared to provide identification and other personal information, as well as photocopies of relevant documents.  Always… always carry a color copy or two of your passport, driver’s license, etc.  Pack them in your suitcase prior to departure.  Maybe even have your spouse carry yours and vice-versa.

If you should be a victim of a crime like having all your money stolen, the State Department can help with this as well by establishing a secure account enabling friends or family to send money overseas (some fees will apply).  It is wise to have those addresses and phone numbers with you for the Embassy/Consulate.  The same resources can help with obtaining medical care and finding English-speaking legal help for you.  The Office of Citizen Services in both places can aid you in the event of an injury and can arrange for a medical escort for the return back to the states.  The Bureau of Consular affairs is responsible for a return to the states in the event of a death abroad.

Unfortunately the State Department cannot help you investigate crimes, provide legal advice or represent you in court, serve as official interpreters or translators or pay medical or other fees.


Do look up these resources prior to your departure (copy other information you want to keep):

Phone: State Dept. : 1-888-407-4747 / after hours: 1-202-647-5225.


Don’t have a passport yet?

Down load the form right here:

Need a visa:

Info is here:

Just thought you might like to know… jeb

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