Senior Health Issues

Health issues are of concern at every stage of life, and the level of concern rises as middle-agers  graduate into senior citizen status.  Statistics demonstrate the increase in health issues and problems as Baby Boomers age.  The United States national health insurance program for seniors, known as Medicare, is a programmatic response to the demonstrated reality of medical problems that senior citizens experience.

One of the goals of Senior Citizen Journal is to provide current news and information regarding health, fitness and medical issues affecting seniors.  Because of the burgeoning Baby Booming population, more people are interested in such issues than ever before. 

The SCJ searches the internet daily to glean items of interest to all seniors and then provides access to such information either as a feature report for the day, or a link to another article or news story, or a RSS feed that will provide up-to-the-minute information on developing news.  Although our staff knows most seniors can do the searching on their own, our purpose is to make the search as quick and painless as possible.  Senior Cyberspace Surfers can come to first, and know that reports and links will be available on any health-related topic of current interest in the world.

In this feature column, a report is provided weekly (or as health-related news develops) on health/fitness/medical news impacting the lives of senior citizens.  The focus may be current research or a testimonial by an authority in her/his field or a report on an event related to the health field.  Whatever the focus, the reader can be assured the information is current and relevant to the needs of this rapidly growing group of people known as Baby Boomers.