Health Insurance for Seniors: The AARP Plan is an Option

Senior Citizens, especially those just entering retirement, need to understand Medicare in order to use it to its full advantage.  Medicare is not designed to cover all of one’s health and medical expenses.  Benefits offered and services covered are explained clearly on the Medicare website.  In particular, the limitations of coverage are thoroughly explained.

Seniors quickly learn they need to have a supplemental policy; some retirees are offered one at the time of retirement from their employer; others need to find a supplemental plan on their own.  Those in the latter category may want to consider a plan such as those offered by AARP for supplemental health care coverage.  Supplemental means coverage that is added to the Medicare plan.  Probably due to the vast resources available to AARP, various health care plans they offer seem to provide greater coverage at lower cost than most.

Not only does AARP health insurance offer both primary insurance plans as well as supplemental plans, but dental coverage is now offered also. In addition to prescription and non-prescription medications provided at extremely low costs, AARP health insurance is also providing costs of eye care, including covering up to sixty percent of the cost of prescription glasses and will even send your much needed medications to your doorstep. 

Another benefit to members of the AARP program is that it is very easy to apply, with a simple application form that can be found online. Not only is it extremely accessible but it is also inclusive; that is, few applicants are rejected.  And spouses of members also enjoy the benefits of AARP health insurance. AARP health insurance has many different options to suit many different needs. Because of this, it’s important that you read and fully understand the package that you choose so that you don’t get caught by surprise when a medical expense comes in.

With all of the different plans available for AARP health insurance, there is sure to be something for everyone and a plan that may seem tailor made to suit your own personal situation. 

Members of AARP that are enjoying other services that AARP provides such as long term care insurance and life insurance may find that by transferring their medical insurance over to AARP health insurance, they may qualify for a discount simply for using multiple AARP services. Thus AARP health insurance becomes the preferred choice among many retirees.