Social Security & Medicare

Let’s face it:  Senior Citizens cannot get along without social security and medicare.  Yes, it is a ‘socialized’ form of living, and some of us would be slow to admit that.  But we are all ready for our social security check to be deposited every month, and whatever form of medicare we choose is essential to our health and well being.

Some of what we need to understand about social security and medicare is clouded in language difficult to understand.  Government publications have been notorious for  intricate and cloudy presentation of information and ideas.  Their efforts of late have shown marked improvement, however, and those responsible for writing them are to be commended.  One of the goals of SCJ is to present information vital to senior citizens regarding both social security and medicare.  We are committed to sharing current information in the most easily readable form.  We will also provide links to more detailed information more often than not. 

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