About Sharon Shaw Elrod

    Writing has been a life-long passion for Sharon. She was Editor of her high school newspaper and worked on the staff of the campus paper in college. In addition to all the papers required for a college degree, her various post-graduate degrees required writing theses and dissertations. And it was in retirement that she wrote two books and began creating Senior Citizen Journal.

    Sharon taught high school English and French, with her second year interrupted by the birth of her daughter. She surrendered that baby to adoption because she was unmarried; in 1966 the sin and shame of such pregnancies was unbearable. Success in a social work and education career followed in Omaha, Tucson and the Greater Phoenix area.

    Sharon retired in 1997 and moved with her husband, Dr Jerry D Elrod, to his home town in Texas. After meeting the baby she surrendered for adoption in 2003, Sharon’s first book soon followed ("Shar's Story, a Mother and Daughter Reunited,"). She then Co-Authored "My Dirty Little Secrets - Steroids, Alcohol and God, The Tony Mandarich Story" with her son-in-law. Sharon is now enjoying retirement in the Phoenix area.

Social Security & Medicare

Celebrating 80 Years of Social Security

Happy Birthday, Social Security! In 1935, the United States was in the depths of the Great Depression. You saved absolutely everything ...


Obamacare Enrollment Begins The Affordable Care Act (ACA), known on the streets as Obamacare, is about to start the enrollment process. ...


Hunger is a National Disgrace People who are hungry because they do not generate enough income to buy enough food are ...


Truth vs Distortion There is a lot of talk (hot air?) in the news media about reforming Social Security and Medicare. ...


Medicare Coverage Remains Essentially the Same Much of Medicare coverage that we seniors have will not change with the implementation of ...


Seniors Find Information on the Internet Ever wonder why your congress-person voted the way he/she did? Senior citizens who use the ...


Many seniors are unaware of a Social Security benefit for survivors. That is, a surviving spouse, and children in some ...

Senior Finances

Benefits & Drawbacks of Offshore Investing

Seniors Consider Offshore Investments Imagine this scenario — you’ve spent time working your way through the United States investment market. You’ve established solid investments full of ROI, but over time you’re looking to shake things up. Avoid risky domestic investment moves, and participate in offshore investing that financially delivers exactly what you need. If you’re […]

How to Invest a Large Sum of Money

Your period of collecting McDonalds Monopoly pieces in search of your next free order of medium fries is over. Perhaps you’ve just collected a large inheritance, perhaps you’ve cashed in an annuity or perhaps you’ve just won the lottery. Whatever the case, now is the time to begin making intelligent decisions with that nest egg. […]

Lifestyle, Health & Fitness

Alzheimer’s Vaccine–Are We Any Closer to Developing One?

Is the science world any closer to developing a much-needed Alzheimer’s vaccine? Recent studies suggest the possibility may exist. An Alzheimer’s disease vaccine could help prevent the horrible disease, which according to the Texas Health and Human Services, affects one in ten Americans over the age of 65.

Scientists in several universities in Switzerland and the United Kingdom are working on research on this matter; a recent article published in October, 2017, reveals that a new vaccine originally meant to treat and possibly cure cat allergies and psoriasis may also produce vaccine responses in older subjects with Alzheimer’s-like symptoms.

All About Senior Nutrition

As we age, seniors begin to experience health issues, irrespective of how well we looked after our bodies throughout our lives. However, we can continue to be full of freshness and vigor well into our pensionable years if we exercise adequately and get the nutrition that our bodies need. Malnutrition or an unhealthy diet will only quicken the onset of health problems once we surpass middle age.

For Senior Women


Women’s Health Breakdown: 60’s It is important to pay attention to your body and its needs during your 60s. Whether you are trying to stay healthy for yourself, your spouse or to see your grandchildren grow up, there are many things to keep in mind at this age. Ovarian Cancer Photo courtesy of uchospitals.edu Unfortunately, […]


As health issues arise, sometimes it’s necessary to seek the aid of a nurse for yourself or for a loved one. In fact, older adults are the core business of health care in this country today. When dealing with nurses, it’s hard to predict the experience level of the nurse that is responsible for the […]