The New Normal

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Are We Going Back, or Forward?

Many experts in our world today are talking and writing about The New Normal, suggesting we are at a crossroads in our evolution. Because of the many ravages of COVID-19, going ‘back’ to what was normal prior to the virus going on a rampage is not an option. Our lives are forever changed. But how? And what is changing?

The answer is just about everything, from our daily routines to institutions and large corporations to how government functions to economic stability to…. the list is endless. Just about everything on 21st Century Planet Earth is changing and ‘getting back to normal’ is not going to happen.

Some New Normal Possibilities

The AARP June 2020 Bulletin published several articles on how life might change after COVID-19. This edition of the Bulletin suggests:

*the future of health care is here in the form of Telehealth conferencing appointments; The Telemedicine article (p.22) walks you through learning how to complete a virtual doctor visit;

*the nursing home industry will change in almost every way possible, from stricter enforcement of regulations to supporting seniors to be able to remain in their homes;

*telecommuting (working from home) is ideal for older workers and their employers, including tips on how to persuade your employer to permit you to work from home; there are some excellent suggestions in this article;

How to Get on Board

Many of these changes will take place in a relatively short period of time. What will be required of seniors to continue to participate fully in this new world?

It is clear that the single most important activity will be using our computer/laptop/tablet/mobile phone. We must keep our technical skills up to date. Our use of tablets/laptops/computers will only increase as these changes become commonplace. If you feel like you are losing your skills or need to brush up, enroll in a computer-technology class at your local senior center and be sure you are able to access everything you will need on a device. Our healthcare is a major concern of all of us; we need to be sure we are comfortable with Telehealth services. We may need help from a family member or close friend as we get started. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Our New Normal is much too vast to talk about in one article. SCJ will continue to focus on this issue in the coming days and weeks.

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