The New Normal

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No Going Back

Many people are writing and talking about how the pandemic is changing our lives. There are no absolutes, everyone agrees. But the guesses are too numerous to recount here. Today SCJ will take a look at several that most writers agree will be included in our future lives.

Germs, Germs and More Germs

Yup. Most around the globe agree we will be highly attentive to getting rid of deadly germs and viruses. Washing hands several times a day will be the ritual. Individuals, groups, businesses, almost every piece of civilization will have a plan for keeping surroundings safe and free from microscopic creatures that could end our lives.

We have probably seen the last of handshaking as well. It’s just too dangerous to be in physical contact with others when you don’t know what they have touched and how they might, or might not, be exposed to viruses/germs. Elbow bumps are the new normal already.

Technology Driving Change

Technology has already created a number of changes that are likely permanent. We order most of what we need/want online. That reduces the need for stores/shopping centers/businesses to have space in which they operate open to the public. In fact, some suggest that we will see a dramatic increase in the number of empty commercial buildings/centers in the not too distant future. Stores/Businesses such as JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, J.Crew have already declared bankruptcy. Coresight research says more than 15,000 stores could end up closing, or at the very least, they could (likely will) be reimagined.

Newspapers and magazines could also disappear. They were on shaky ground before COVID-19 hit, and now that we all are using our devices to read about the news, they don’t have much of a chance.

No More Large Crowds

And places where large crowds gather are likely facing serious disruption or closure. Theaters, any-kind-of-ball stadiums, large cruise ships, large conference centers/worship buildings/meeting halls all face the possibility of extinction, or at the least a serious and major change in how they function.

We will likely be staying home more because it is the safest place to be. Figuring out what to do to stay home is a challenge for some, and an absolute delight for others. Moving toward what we used to do/be at home is already happening… cooking more at home, gardening, hobbies, games with kids, figuring out how to do what we love to do right at home… we’re looking at it already.

Senior Lifestyle Changes

Seniors may not be looking at downsizing like we did in the past. We may in fact be looking at moving to less densely populated areas, small towns, country living, places where viruses and germs can’t flourish like they do in cities where people are packed in together.

AARP Bulletin, June 2020, (p.12) says “There’s really no predicting what’s coming to Americans next. Pick a concern and it’s punctuated by question marks.” The Bulletin suggests several areas are big unknowns, including the economy, Medicare, voting and coronavirus cure.

What we can surely count on is the now-undisputed fact that the majority of our lives will change significantly. It will be up to us to decide to accept change and embrace the future with anticipation.

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