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More Single Senior Women

A lot is being written about senior women these days.  Statistics are showing more women are divorcing their husbands after 30 or 40 years of marriage than ever before. That is leaving a lot of women single, and able to make decisions on their own without having to consider the needs of a partner. Ergo… more senior women are traveling solo these days, and enjoying it immensely!

SCJ editors took a look at suggestions several Internet websites have for single women traveling solo.  This post shares those tips with senior women who want to travel solo.  Here they are:

  • The most important part of the trip is planning. Once that has been completed thoroughly, the rest of the trip is just plain fun!  Plan carefully looking at the kind of trip you want to take (cruise, river boat, guided tour,adventure tour,etc), the level of activity with which you are comfortable, safety and security issues and the cost.  Be sure the trip is one you can afford.  Traveling is no fun when you have to come back home and decide whether to buy your medicines or pay the electric bill.
  • If you are looking at a guided tour/trip of one kind or another, says these are the reasons why you would make that choice: You “Seek sociability and security. Want all the travel details arranged for you. Like meeting new people. Need to be sure you will see all the important sights of the destination.” (
  • Check with a travel agent or adviser, or someone who has taken the trip previously, about additional costs you might incur during the trip.  There are generally additional taxes, transport fees, entrance fees and the like that senior travelers find on tours, and knowing them ahead of time helps you plan more precisely.
  • Be sure you have a travel pak for your medications.  You can purchase those great plastic-compartment items at your local drug store; they have compartments for separating three/four daily medication doses, and they can be prepared for an entire week at a time.  If you are going to be gone for more than a week, you might want to look at the small zip-loc plastic bags in which you can place doses of meds, mark the bag with the time of day and the date the med needs to be taken.  All those little plastic bags can be put in one big bag for travel convenience.
  • You will also be better prepared for emergencies if you take along copies of your prescriptions, and your primary care physician’s name and telephone number.
  • Copy your passport ID page and give it to a trusted friend or family member to keep in the event of an emergency.  Take along a copy for yourself as well and keep it in a safe place in your luggage.
  • Take no more than two credit cards with you.  Notify the customer service departments of your credit card companies of your travel plans so your account can be noted with the information; this will prevent denial of charges that will appear unusual to your credit card company.  Be sure you have the 800-number tucked away in your luggage in the event you lose your cards, or they are stolen.
  • also recommends you travel with ear plugs or a headset.  You will be able to rest more comfortably in a group or on a plane or bus if the noise is eliminated.  Great ear plugs that cut out 90% of noise can be purchased at your local drug store.

Senior women traveling solo can find a lot of joy and pleasure in their trips if some simple guidelines for planning and executing the trip are followed.

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