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Exercise, a Key to Longevity

Following our recent move back to the desert, this senior editor decided she needed to add an exercise regimen to her life. She had always ‘worked out’ doing gardening and housework on a daily basis, but it was clear her muscle structure was suffering.  She discovered her new HMO health plan included a Silver Sneakers benefit, so she found a program at a local health club that offered muscle exercises three-times a week.  This was three hours a week of concentrated exercise, and it was free.  Can’t beat that!

She began the program six weeks ago and the results are already showing.

  • leg strength increased enough to be able to get up off the floor using just her feet;
  • arm and shoulder strength improved to the point of being able to ‘see’ her biceps; flabby skin on triceps has almost disappeared;
  • balance improved;
  • abs getting stronger and stomach flab disappearing;
  • glutes firmer;
  • sleeping better;
  • endorphin popping beginning of the day;

Tips and Resources for Exercise

So what is the magic of an exercise program?  First of all, there is no magic.  Exercise is a commitment you make to yourself to live longer with greater quality of life. It takes both time and energy.  And it helps to do it with a friend. Thirdage.com says women who exercise regularly feel better and live longer.

This Huffington Post article describes an example of something simple women can do at home to increase arm/shoulder strength and improve balance. You don’t have to have a gym membership to do things like this that are easy to do at home.

The National Institutes of Health on MedlinePlus offer suggestions for the kinds of exercise seniors need, and why.  SeniorLiving.about.com says there are four kinds of exercises seniors need:  strength, balance, stretching and endurance. A query on your favorite search engine will produce a gazillion results to review for the information you want on ‘exercise for seniors’.

Don’t be discouraged if you see no results in the first week or two.  It took this senior a month to begin to see improvement and feel better.  Exercise is a life long commitment and the result is a quality of life you will never regret.

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