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Seniors Find Information on the Internet

Ever wonder why your congress-person voted the way he/she did? Senior citizens who use the Internet a lot follow Social Security and Medicare issues, legislation affecting both programs and what writers are saying about them. Now there is another tool to help us stay in touch with the background and foundation information for two important life-line programs/services that we so desperately need.

It is a map of the United States that outlines each of the 435 Congressional Districts and provides demographic information for them. Not only does it help provide information that explains congressional voting patterns, but it also helps us understand the communities in which we live. The categories of information include

  • People
  • Housing
  • Jobs
  • Economic
  • Education

The US Census Bureau maintains this site and provides the information. A recent perusal of the categories suggested our congressional district is heavily filled with senior citizens and people who do not live here year-round (snow birds). The median income is higher than average; there are about as many men as women in our district, and people tend to stay in one home longer than average.Elderly : Two couples taking self portrait with mobile phone

Social Security and Medicare Issues

On the Congressional District map page, you can find how many families live below the poverty level in your district, how many depend on public health insurance coverage and what the average income is. This kind of information helps us better understand the people in our communities and their needs as they relate to both Social Security and Medicare.

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