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Security Systems Help Senior Citizens Maintain Independence

For senior citizens, independence is of utmost importance. Spending time with family and enjoying all that retired life has to offer should take precedence over worrying about living alone. A security system from a company like Security Choice can also help ease the minds of worried family members.

Some of the benefits of home security systems for senior citizens include:

1) Push-button medical response

With a security system, seniors are only the press of a button away from emergency medical help. And many security companies offer necklaces or bracelets containing a button, so seniors who fall or otherwise can’t get to the main home security system keypad during an emergency can call for help.

2) Protection from burglary

Unfortunately, senior citizens are sometimes the victims of burglars or crooks who perceive seniors as weaker and less likely to engage in confrontation. Security systems protect doors and windows in the home and alert security professionals during an attempted break-in. Security professionals then dispatch the local police department to respond.

3) Early warning of fire, smoke and carbon monoxide

A security system equipped with fire and carbon monoxide detector can provide early warning in the event that one of these threats manifests itself within the home. Detection equipment is wired into the high-decibel alarm and gives a loud warning when it detects smoke or unsafe levels of poisonous carbon monoxide gas.

4) Third party monitoring means seniors are never alone

With a home security system, senior citizens can know that they’re not alone if they ever experience an emergency. When the security system detects a threat, it automatically notifies a centralized, remote monitoring center that is staffed with experienced security professionals. Seniors can speak directly to the monitoring professional during an emergency, meaning they’re never left alone to fend for themselves.

A security system helps senior citizens maintain independence while giving family members peace of mind knowing their parents or grandparents are safe. Seniors without security systems should look into the benefits and value of adding one to their home.

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