World’s Most Livable Cities for Seniors

Dec 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Senior Citizen Journal is taking another look at the most livable cities for senior citizens.  Several thousand visitors looked at our articles about this yesterday (December 27, 2010), so we’ve decided to put a little more research in to the topic.  And here are the results.

Vancouver, BC, is clearly at the top of the list of most livable cities for seniors for a variety of reasons.  The crime rate is very low, threat of terrorism and accompanying unstable behavior is very low, and the infrastructure (roads, bridges, connectors, water, energy, etc) is highly developed.

Next is a mix of European, North American (Canadian) and Australian cities.  Vienna, Melbourne, Toronto, Calgary and Helsinki are cities with good quality of life for seniors, low crime, good infrastructure and good services for seniors.  Zurich, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Munich follow closely behind the top five.  

These are ‘cities’ that are most livable for senior citizens.  But the discussion thus far suggests cities are the only options for seniors.  And we all know that’s just not true.   There are also smaller communities and rural areas that are highly desirable and livable for seniors.  But as most of us know, we need to be near medical communities that are available to provide the healthcare we need.  That’s the discussion for another blog soon to be posted!

And the list of most livable doesn’t include any in the United States.  So that is also another soon to be posted blog.  The issue with cities in the US clearly has to do with crime rates and infrastructure problems.  The US has ignored its infrastructure problems for several decades, and the issue is beginning to haunt most cities in most states.  Crime rates vary in amazing digits from one city to another.  It appears the common denominator for lowest crime rates is the city’s attitude toward the needy, poor and disenfranchised.  Another blog for another day. 

Hang in there with us.  We’ll address all these issues over the next several days, or weeks.

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