World’s Most Livable Cities for Senior Citizens

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There seems to be little accord on the most livable city in the world.  In researching several sites I have found that few agree on the number one community in which to live nor the best country.  I would guess that it all depends on who is doing the survey.  Nevertheless, it is fun to compare notes.


The places where folks would really like to raise a family, enjoy life, start a business, savor days and nights and, well… there’s hardly an American city in sight.  The top 25 from the Economist’s Intelligence Unit  finds Vancouver at the top of the list followed by Vienna, Melbourne, Toronto, Calgary and Helsinki.  Good news for Vancouver and the Olympics.  Canadian and Australian cities account for seven of the top ten spots in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest livability ranking.  And not a single American city. Pittsburgh sneaks in at 29.  Get that!  But you can take a peek at America’s most livable communities here.


Monocle Magazine gives Zurich top honors.  Copenhagen, Tokyo and Munich follow.  You can watch a four-minute video presentation with a countdown and the reasons for their ratings on this site.


For countries, International Living rates France #1 followed by Australia, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Luxembourg and finally the US.  Canada came in ninth place.  Each January, they rank and rate 194 countries to come up with the list of the places that offer you the best quality of life. It isn’t about best value, necessarily. It’s about the places in the world where the living is, simply put, great.  On this site you can subscribe to their free daily e-letter about the best places to consider retirement.  I did and almost instantly, here is what they sent back: “There are still numerous countries around the world where unspoiled natural beauty, secluded beaches, friendly people, and a relaxed way of life are waiting for you. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy them. In sunny, relaxed destinations all around the world, you’ll find your dollars stretching much further than you might imagine.”


The Economist Intelligence Unit’s livability survey report said Vancouver, and Melbourne, “with low crime, little threat from instability or terrorism and a highly developed infrastructure,” are the two most livable cities in the world, having tied for first place.  Australia’s other major cities (Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth) all claimed positions well inside the top ten – strengthening the idea that Australia is one of the most livable countries in the world.  Other Canadian cities also ranked highly in the survey, which further suggests that this is the same of Canada. Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and the aforementioned Vancouver all ranked within the top 25. 


Yahoo also ranks Vancouver as the world’s most livable cityIn the 2010 ranking, there was little change in the top positions with Vienna, Melbourne and Toronto still taking the second, third and fourth positions and the top 10 dominated by Canadian and Australian cities which took seven of the 10 slots.  New York was ranked 56th, two slots behind London which was at number 54, while Los Angeles ranked at number 47.  Zimbabwe’s capital Harare scored the least, making it the list’s worst city, with a rating of 37.5. 


Following is a list of the top 10 most liveable cities as ranked by The Economist:  1. Vancouver, Canada  2. Vienna, Austria  3. Melbourne, Australia  4. Toronto, Canada  5. Calgary, Canada  6. Helsinki, Finland  7. Sydney, Australia    8. Perth, Australia  9. Adelaide, Australia 10. Auckland, New Zealand.  Looks like a good idea to “consider down under” for a great place to retire, doesn’t it?


TravelPod sixteen most livable cities complete with photos and specific information can be found at  


If you are going to Japan be sure to check out this information on the Top Ten Places to check out.    Mercer’s Quality of Living Index on Wikipedia provides a nice listing for the best and worst cities.


By the way, WikiPedia’s list of cities is a great site for information.  It provides statistics by population, quality of living, surface area, latitude, longitude, GDP and much much more.  It is a fun site for seniors to check out just to view some of those places you have not yet visited.    Hope to see you back tomorrow. jeb

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