Unique Travel Considerations for Senior Citizens

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DoItYourself writes that senior citizens now spend 20% of their lives in retirement as opposed to only 3% a few decades ago. With this added time, the need to get out and see what the rest of the world is doing becomes a reality for them. Because of issues with the following potential considerations , it is important to take a good look at every aspect of senior travel:

  • mobility 
  • availability of medications 
  • health care in a foreign country
  • impaired sight or hearing
  • daily assistive devices that need maintenance, such as replacing hearing aid batteries every few days
  • need for cane or walker

Having limitations does not mean that you need to stay home and never see the other wonders of the world.  These are some unique considerations (there are others depending on individual circumstances) and issues that affect senior travel and seniors need to have planned for any that affect them personally when visiting a foreign land.  DoItYourself is a good site for senior travel advice.

Buzzle.com is a new site for me and is full of travel tips. Their byline is “Intelligent Life on the Web.”  Oh no Jim…not another Travel Tips suggestion site.  Yes… but take a close look at this one that provides a packing list for you.  Seems like there is always something to learn and something you had not thought of to pack. Buzzle finds that seniors are a vital part of our present day culture. They hold with them the memories of our past, the triumphs and the sorrows. Many seniors were alive during World War II, and remember events in history, such as the forming of the United Nations, and everyday life during the early 1950s. Senior citizens are active in many activities, associations, and clubs. Many are members in several varying groups of interest, and make the most of their time by keeping busy. Seniors travel in more ways than previous generations of seniors, using RVs, airplanes, cruises, and trains. The links included on the Buzzle site relate to senior citizens and senior travelers, and I think this site is exceptionally helpful.  jeb

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