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Travel Information for Senior Citizens is loaded with information. Their site is dedicated to SENIORS.  Check these out:

Travel 62 is ” your senior travel” source.  This is what they advertise anyway so maybe you might just check out the website as it has lots of travel possiblities.  It certainly is a colorful site. 

Planet Ware is a well-developed website.  I chose Countries, then France, then Aix-en-Provence as I was there not long  ago.  Money Magazine each year comes up with the best cities in which to live.  This city is continually Number One in France.  I certainly know why as as a 21 year old student I lived here for four weeks.  It is a young city with many college students.  Aix is an old Latin word for “water” and there are several hot springs, including one right in the middle of the Cours Mirabeau, which is the main street Aix . If you have never been to Provence in southern France, this is one city you will not want to miss.   Aix(Provençal Ais), the former capital of Provence, lies barely 30km/19mi north of Marseilles in a fertile plain surrounded by mountains. Four old palaces, dating mainly from the 17th and 18th centuries, and many fine churches and museums bear witness to the town’s glittering past. As the home of a famous university and the seat of an archbishop it remains the spiritual center of Provence to this day. 

Secondly I chose London.  Here is what came up: London, capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, seat of the royal family, Parliament and government, lies in a gently undulating basin enclosed by hills, on both banks of the Thames some 50mi/75km above its estuary into the North Sea. The “Greenwich Meridian”, longitude 0°, runs through the London suburb of Greenwich. London is not only the financial and cultural center of Great Britain but also one of the most interesting cities in the world, a real metropolis, where people from all different countries have made their contribution to a cultural melting pot which finds expression in music, theater, dance, literature, and not least, gastronomy.  London is a great city.  Besides they speak English there…kinda.  This is a very nice site for seniors to explore.  jeb

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