Travel Planning With Grandchildren

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This is for your grandchildren… Hosteling International brings you online bookings at hundreds of HI hostels worldwide. Check out hostel reviews, view photographs and read detailed descriptions of all the hostels offered on this site. Book hostels online and confirm your reservations at a selection of youth hostels in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Middle East, North and Central America and South America.  Membership costs and membership types (for example Adult, Child, Family or Life Membership) vary around the world. The site offers many options and is very useful in travel planning with your grandkids. 

I recall well traveling around France, Andorra, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium on our Lambretta motor scooter;my friend, Jack, and I stayed at many Youth Hostels.  You were supposed to have a Youth Hostel Membership card.  Jack showed his Misawauka Library Card and they let us in for under a dollar a night.  Of course that was back in the “dark ages” in 1961.  A flat tire in Monaco and no spare tire.  Crossing the Great Saint Bernard Pass in the Alps without a spare, passing through a tunnel several miles long getting gassed, a wreck in the Pyrenees above the cloud line, a broken back axle in Brussels and a blown front tire while I was driving 40 miles north of Paris.  A flat tire on a scooter is bad news, especially the front one.  Nearly wrecked.  A cop came along and asked for our insurance papers, our ownership papers, etc. and then asked how many francs we had.  We had about $18.  He said that he would send someone back with a repair.  It was getting dark.  At dusk an old French car from the second world war pulled up and behold… the guy had a new tire in his hand.  We were so happy.  We asked “How much?”  The reply was…”$18″.  Luckily we had filled up with gas earlier and so we made it back to Paris that night without any money in our pockets.  The brakes were so bad on our scooter that we had to use the soles on our shoes to help stop at every stop sign.  The many mountain miles in the Pyrenees and Alps had totally destroyed our brakes and we did a lot of coasting, 12 miles down one hill in the Pyrenees.  Oh to be 21 years old again!  Not too wise but plenty of courage.   

Attention, Senior Backpackers: GoNomad is a site that gives good advice on what you need to carry while on the road.  After six months on the road, we learned some packing tips the hard way. First, spend our pre-trip dollars on two things: a sturdy backpack and good shoes. Those big backpacks are expensive, but the last thing you want is for yours to break on the road. In the long run, it’s not worth the 50 bucks you save to go with a cheaper pack. Plus, make sure the backpack you do choose fits your body.  More good advice includes sporting goods stores like REI and Dick’s have contraptions that measure the length of your spine. Use that number to pick an appropriately-sized pack.  Good shoes are a must. We brought hiking shoes and hiking sandals. It was a pain to haul around two pairs of bulky, heavy shoes, but they were worth every penny. The hiking boots earned their stripes in Mexico and Patagonia.  Hope this helps you while you are on the road.     jeb

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