Top Ten Travel for Senior Citizens

Mar 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel is an awesome link for Senior Travelers. I admit that I do like to read the Top Ten of just about anything and this site has a lot of these.  Here are a few examples with more to explore once you open the page.  Some ideas on these pages may provide interesting travel options for you:

Another TOP TEN favorite for seniors provides easy navigation on the site.   If there’s one thing worse than not enough information, it’s too much information. Too many travel web sites seem to me to offer just too much of a good thing. You visit the site, you look around for a bit, and you’re overwhelmed. Top Ten Travel provides a handy guide to the Top Ten Best Attractions when visiting a given destination.  Here is a listing of the top ten suggestions for things to do in each of these destinations.

 Best Beaches USA
 Black Hills SD
 Cape Town
 Costa Rica

Fort Lauderdale FL
 Grand Bahama
 Little Rock, AR
 Los Angeles, CA
 Memphis TN
 Miami FL
 San Antonio TX
 San Francisco CA
 Tucson AZ

If you have a little spare time and want to do some deep travel exploring, bring up GOOGLE and type in Top Ten Travel.  Here is what you will see: Results 110 of about 272,000,000 for top ten travel. Oh la la as they say in French! jeb

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