Top Ten Suggestions for Senior Travelers

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Summer time has arrived and many of us are preparing our holidays. That is probably the reason you are visiting a travel website: to find a destination where you can relax, relieve some stress, and continue to enjoy being a senior citizen! To come to your assistance, here you will find a list of the most useful things you need to take with you when traveling. You could undoubtedly add a couple yourself: 

1. Be sure you pack your credit card and documents. Traveler checks are seldom accepted abroad anymore, so when you’re in need of cash, withdraw it from your credit card or debit card.  I have always said that I was prepared for travel abroad when I have my passport and money.  Those will take care of most challenges, especially the $$. 

2. Carry a small first aid kit! You never know what might happen so that is why a kit is useful: painkillers, band-aids or cold medicine don’t take up that much space and can save you from some unwanted pain.

3. Sun glasses are very important if you’re going to an exotic place. The sun will bathe you most of the day so it’s recommended to protect your eyes with some quality lenses. Also pack a sun hat and sun tan oil.

4. Flip-flops are the best for beaches. Carry an inexpensive pair or look for a pair as soon as you get to your destination! You may even choose to toss them later.

5. A backpack is always useful. You can use it to carry clothes, your lunch, drinks and other necessities. Keep it small. It is nice to have your hands free when you travel.

6. Camera, batteries and film or memory card. You don’t want to leave your favorite spot without any memories or snapshots which you can show your friends back home.  Make sure you won’t run out of power or space on your card while traveling. Carry the right electrical converter and a charger.

7. Enjoy your night on a serene beach without being bugged. Carry insect repellent to get rid of any flying insects.

8. A sit mat, swimsuit and t-shirts are the most common things found in a tourist’s bag. Additionally, you can buy some souvenir t-shirts from your destination. 

9. Pack just a few heavier clothes with long sleeves. It can cool down lots in the evening, even on an exotic island.

10. Don’t get bored on long hours of flight. Pack a favorite book or two, mind challenging puzzle games, your favorite electronic game device, your Kindle, iPad or similar device(s).       jeb

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