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The Turkish Riviera (also known popularly as the Turquoise Coast) is a term used to define an area of southwest Turkey encompassing Antalya, Muğla and to a lesser extent the provinces of Aydın, southern İzmir and western Mersin. The combination of a favorable climate, warm sea, more than a thousand kilometers of shoreline along the Aegean and Mediterranean waters, and abundant natural and archeological points of interest makes this stretch of Turkey’s coastline a popular national and international tourist destination. The Coast is scattered with fine-sand beaches and sprinkled abundantly with classical cities turned to picturesque ruins.

For many seniors the Turquoise Coast is the first place to think of when considering a seaside vacation in Turkey. It has more and better beaches and resorts than does the Aegean coast, and warmer, saltier water than the Black Sea coast. From Marmaris to Antalya the coastline is gorgeous, the weather is reliably excellent and there are heaps of things to see and do. The Turquoise coast at its finest has become the destination of first choice for many first time and repeat senior visitors to Turkey. It is also, of course, the area that shows the highest level of tourist development and there seems to be some sort of race going on here. This map provides a nice overview of what you are in for when you visit the Turquoise Coast.

The Coast is a combination of balmy Mediterranean climate, superb sparkling Turquoise Coast beaches bordering crystal clear azure waters, scenic backdrop of the Taurus Mountains, and priceless ancient archeological sites makes it one of the premier resorts in the world. Because of its beauty and strategic location, it has always been important in the history of Turkey, Italy, Greece, and even as far as Egypt. Marc Antony thought it was so beautiful that he gifted it to his beloved Cleopatra as a wedding present, and they made their home here for a year. Empires from the Lycian and Ottoman to Venetians and Crusaders have conquered and occupied it over the course of history. One of the most popular things for seniors along the Turquoise Coast is to go sailing, visiting the beaches and offshore islands, including the nearby islands of Greece. Often the ships available for charter are traditional Turkish gulets, These are beautiful luxury sailing ships that can accommodate as few as two passengers or up to as many as 25.

A Blue Cruise, also known as a Blue Voyage (“Mavi Yolculuk” in Turkish) is a term used for for recreational voyages along the Turkish Riviera, on Turkey’s southwestern coast. The term, which is used in Turkey’s tourism industry, has its origins in Turkish literature, deriving from from the title of a book by Azra Erhat.  A full Blue Cruise generally starts in Didim or Kuşadası.

If you are visiting Turkey for the first time you are in for a wonderful surprise; you will be truly amazed by some of the most dramatic scenery Europe has to offer. Sparkling turquoise seas, endless golden sun kissed beaches, bathed in sunshine for nearly 300 days a year and local Turkish hospitality that is second to none. The Turquoise Coast has plenty of activities on offer. For those seniors feeling adventurous Turkey has become the number one destination for paragliding enthusiasts and Oludeniz on the Turquoise Coast is the resort most head for. Tandem flights are offered at Oludeniz, so you don’t need to be a paraglider pilot to enjoy this unique experience.

Turkey is also a paradise for walkers, the Lycian way is a 509 km way-marked footpath around the coast and mountains, starting from Fethiye and finishing in Antalya and is one of the most popular routes for walking holidays. The Coast offers an alluring combination of beautiful scenery and ancient sites and is the perfect place for some fine coastal and inland walking. Highlights include the ruined city of Arycanda, the chance to paddle over the sunken city of Kekova, and some fantastic views along the way. The unofficial “capital” and most chic of the resorts on the Turquoise Coast in Turkey is Antalya, which has a modern international airport and a fascinating old quarter that surrounds its Roman harbor. Here are historic mosques and colorful traditional bazaars.

TripAdvisor can take you there in style as this site is full of information that seniors will find of value prior to a visit. A few additional suggestions for visitors include these.  Take along plenty of room on your camera for dozens of beautiful shots as this trip will be memorable for years to come.  jeb

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