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La Rochelle Invites Seniors to “La Ville Blanche”

La Rochelle is a city in western France and a seaport on the Bay of Biscay, a part of the Atlantic Ocean. Senior travelers find the Vieux Port very attractive with its huge towers that guard the entrance to the main harbor. Known as La Ville Blanche (‘the white city’), La Rochelle’s luminous limestone façades are topped by 14th- and 15th-century towers glowing white in the bright coastal sunlight.

A city that is both beautiful and dynamic

A one thousand year old city that has its eye on the future, La Rochelle is beautiful and generous, managing to preserve exceptional natural and architectural assets while developing its own area in an innovative, sensitive and harmonious way. Nestling at the heart of the Atlantic sea front, the city has been able to turn its solid maritime base into a fantastic economic, tourism and cultural asset. The city is the capital of the Charente-Maritime department, has over 80,000 inhabitants and is one of the most attractive and dynamic cities in France. I was there with a group of secondary students and many found La Rochelle to be one of their favorites on our two-week tour. One reason is that La Rochelle enjoys an oceanic climate. With plenty of rain in autumn and in winter, the winters are mild, and it is the sunniest spot on the Atlantic littoral. In summer, temperatures are tempered by the sea breeze.

Swing on out to western France

La Rochelle is well-known for its towers that guard the port and its world-class aquarium. Gourmets all over France are well acquainted with La Cuisine de Jules , Baitona and and le Coutanceau.  One glance at la carte (menu) and you’ll know why. The cuisine of La Rochelle is memorable for its seafood and these restaurants specialize in its preparation. Senior visitors enjoy the arcaded walkways, half-timbered houses protected from the salt air by slate tiles, and ghoulish protruding gargoyles that are rich reminders of La Rochelle’s seafaring past.

The city’s official website will tell  you about its geography, history and heritage, tourism attractions and offer you a warm welcome. The Town Hall is particularly attractive with its white facade. Thanks to its network of 730 associations and numerous cultural and sports facilities, La Rochelle has something to offer every senior who wants to have fun, increase their knowledge or take part in activities as one wanders around the city taking in the sites. You will discover that La Rochelle is more than just a seaport on the Atlantic Ocean.

The city is the inevitable place to go on the coast and is one of the largest French harbor cities in terms of business and tourism. But, with its 1000 year history, it’s also one of the best kept secrets in the region. You will be surprised by its architectural heritage, its unique atmosphere, the diversity of its museums and its eclectic nightlife. So swing on over to La Rochelle on your next trip to France.  You’ll love it as we did. jeb

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