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Annecy in La Haute Savoir Attracts Seniors

Let me invite all senior travelers to the “Venice of Savoie .” I dearly love La Haute Savoie which is a region of France near the Swiss border.  The city I am most acquainted with in the area is called Annecy. To me it is a Shangri-La located on Lake Annecy and a totally beautiful spot as this video shows.

Annecy is located between Geneva and Chambéry and lies on the northern tip of Lake Annecy (Lac d’Annecy), the cleanest lake in all of Europe, 35 kilometers south of Geneva. Thus its history was strongly influenced by these two towns between the 10th and the 19th century. The French Alps are just to the east of Annecy that is the capital of La Haute Savoie.

Take the Train

Take the TGV from Paris to Lyon, called The Gastronomic Capital of France, and indulge in some fine cuisine and then continue on the train to Annecy on a very pleasant rail journey.

Annecy is a Walking Adventure for Seniors

Annecy is very walkable (is that a word?) and senior travelers will enjoy just strolling among its arcades and historical quarters. The stream that flows through the heart of the city makes it even more attractive. Look for the swans that swim in the stream that passes right through the center of town.

More information to get you excited about Annecy

Wikipedia is always a good place to start along with TripAdvisor for things to see and do.  So, how many photos are too many? I don’t know but these will give seniors a good idea of what you will experience in Annecy.

The delights of the town nowadays lie not just in its historical monuments, like the imposing Chateâu on the hill (the view from there is superb) or the fort of the Palais d’Île closer to the lake, but also in the stunning scenery which can be admired from various points around the town. Surrounded by spectacular mountains and located on the banks of a sparkling turquoise lake, Annecy is about as close to a fairy-tale city as it is possible to get. France Monthly is big on Annecy as this site exemplifies.

Just imagine yourself on a boat on the lake or just strolling along the lake in Annecy.  Lake Annecy in 3-D makes it even more attractive. I’ve viewed hundreds of travel sites and this one is super. If you have time, take a lake cruise to enhance your memories even more.

I could go on and on but I’ll depart today with just two more URLs. Virtual Tourist’s site that highlight many of the fine points of the city. By the way, do try the cheese fondue in Annecy.  The cheese dish is stupendous.  Travel Blog will fill in your itinerary with some personal blogs of senior citizens who have been there. Alors, en route pour Annecy, Bonne Route et Bon Voyage! jeb

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