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Amish Communities in Indiana

My wife and I spent a long weekend visiting NW Indiana.  We had read about the many Amish communities and the Heritage Trail. We were thrilled to discover living history in rural areas. In NW Indiana one finds the… “Simple Life that is Lived Well.”  Life goes on as it did when the Amish first arrived in the area.

Each day we experienced horse-drawn buggies clattering down rural lanes, men sporting suspenders and broad-brimmed straw hats, women clad in simple homemade dresses and modest bonnets, tables groaning under a bounty of fresh-from-the-farm food. NW Indiana has 20,000-plus Amish living a serenely simple life. Amish daily life however is as complex as ours—led by constantly evolving rules rooted in Switzerland’s 16th century Anabaptist movement.

Many folks do not know a lot about the Amish and may be slightly ignorant when it comes to learning something new about a culture that is different from their own. So seniors, plan a trip into NW Indiana and here you will notice that the Amish are a regular part of living and in some ways, people prefer their products to mass produced cheap products that anyone can buy in a regular department store. The Amish faith dictates foregoing modern amenities, including electricity, automobiles and telephones and each guides the Amish. This simple way of life is derived from their understanding of the Bible and the Amish desire for an autonomous community.

One of the many highlight on our trip was Nappanee with their famous Homestyle Furniture Shoppe. You will find mission, shaker, and heritage style Amish furniture that is locally designed. They focus on dining room and bedroom sets, grandfather and wall clocks, upholstered and hardwood rockers, but you can find a lot more.

Places to Stay in NW Indiana

We sought out a B&B located in a very rural area and run by a Mennonite family. They told us that many seniors come back here to the same B&B year after year just to relax and enjoy the simple life where the food is outstanding. For country atmosphere, pick an Amish farmhouse or perhaps a vintage barn converted to a B&B.

Amish Acres is not to be missed. Here time stopped over a century ago and preserves, in the Amish, a way of life adhering to nearly forgotten patterns of living in today’s fast paced world. The legacy of the three generations of the family who lived here is seen and felt through a nostalgic visit to the farm and homestead.

Also see the Guide to Amish Country.  Get ready to explore a living patchwork quilt of incredibly varied downtowns and colorful experiences. All are connected by the famous Heritage Trail as it weaves its way through a thousand and one unique sites. We found this trail to be an excellent choice for just meandering.  On the trail you’ll find hometowns where shop owners can still be found standing behind the counter.

If you might choose to focus on historic sites as we try to do, you will find plenty in NW Indiana. The “official Amish Country Guide” is loaded with additional information. This will be one area visit that you will long remember.  jeb

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  1. […] too was super, especial the “Threshers Dinner” and superb Amish Cuisine in Nappanee, Indiana. Drive the Heritage Trail and see it all. That’ll keep you on the road and busy for a while […]

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