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We’ve all heard of Melbourne and Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. But what about Adelaide? A recent senior tourist commented…”This is the city I could live in. Now if I can only find Adelaide’s American equivalent.” Have you said the same thing about another city once you are abroad?  I sure have…many times.  Of course I have to admit my biases with Provence.  It is “just the place to be” in my mind, then again teaching French for over 35 years and having been there numerous times does taint my thoughts and opinion.

Adelaide is the capital and most populous city of the Australian state of South Australia, and is the fifth-largest city in Australia.  Adelaide has an estimated population of more than 1.28 million which makes it by far the largest city in the otherwise sparsely populated state. Take a look at the city’s “official guide“.  There is an unusual “what’s on calendar” that takes visitors on a tour of the city plus its major attractions.

Here you can immerse yourself in Adelaide’s vibrant art scene, viisit the extraordinary cultural centers, lounge in cafes in heritage hotspots and take a tour of the great landmarks.  It is known for having the conveniences of a large city, while at the same time being far less cosmopolitan than the “Big Four”.

Adelaide always been a free-spirited, free-thinking type of place — the first to outlaw sexual and racial discrimination, the first to do away with capital punishment, the first to recognize Aboriginal land rights and legalize nude swimming, and the first state to give women the vote.

It is best known for its architecture, arts, culture and its history.  One of its attractions includes a national wine center.  The National Wine Center is an architectural fantasy with a stunning view inside. Situated on the periphery of the Botanical Gardens, this place is a wine lovers paradise.

Rundle Lantern is a must on your visit here seniors. Do check this URL out as the Rundle Lantern as it is called is a unique canvas that uses computer controlled LEDs to illuminate 748 square panels to deliver a platform for digital art.  It operates each night from dusk until midnight, with hours for special events.  How do you get an understanding of culture, history and contemporary society in a capital city?  It’s simple, visit the landmarks which were built by the blood, sweat and tears of the people of that society!

In addition to all the sites,  Adelaide is Australia’s festival and event capital.  Whether you want to party or relax on your next holiday, South Australia’s capital city has it all.  With spacious boulevards and vibrant inner-city districts, sophisticated architecture and lush gardens and  plenty of accommodations to choose from.

Adelaide is at least a 1 day drive away from any capital city on the Australian east coast. The shortest route from Adelaide to Melbourne takes 8-9 hours.  Roads are all paved, and there are some freeway sections, but it is mostly 2 lane roads of reasonable quality.

Lastly here’s a nice map of Adelaide to whet your appetite for a visit. So G’day Mate.  See you “down under.” jeb

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