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Seniors Discover Victoria by the Sea

Victoria by the Sea (2006 pop.: 77) is a jewel set on the shores of the warm Northumberland Strait just offshore from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Prince Edward Island. An historic seaport village and artistic enclave, Victoria is ideally situated for senior relaxation and recreation. You can stroll along tree-bowered streets reminiscent of a bygone era and enjoy the shops, studios, restaurants, elegant inns and repertory theatre. Take a walk through the Village with Google Maps. You can drive directly to the island using the Confederation Bridge linking the mainland Canada to Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island provides a wonderful “Maritime Escape” for seniors. It is said, here you will find “Real Island Life… Unspoiled, Natural, Genuine.” In addition are “The Highest Hills, The Warmest Waters, The Longest Bridge.” At the crest of Confederation Bridge, high above the Northumberland Strait, you will see a glorious ocean vista along with red soil, high rugged cliffs, and lush rolling hills. This is the South Shore of Prince Edward Island. Once you reach land you are embraced with a wealth of color and a scent of sea air that will transport you to your South Shore adventure.

To help seniors navigate their way around, the Island has been divided up into 4 rural areas and two municipal areas. The municipal areas are Summerside and the capital city, Charlottetown. The rural areas are Points East, North Cape, Green Gables and Red Sands. Red Sands encompasses the landscape between Summerside to the west and Charlottetown to the east and Route 2 to the north. Red Sands is the country between the two cities.

Historic Prince Edward Island Welcomes Seniors

A historic seaport, Victoria-by-the-Sea is located on the south shore of Prince Edward Island between Charlottetown and Summerside.  In recent decades the community has branded itself as “Victoria-by-the-Sea” to honor its heritage as a seaport and to attract tourists. A short  drive through Victoria will give senior travelers an idea of what you will find. The lighthouse is a particularly neat site.

There can be only one PEI as epitomized here. Canada is loaded with neat sites and Prince Edward Island is one of them.   Get a free visitor’s guide along with a listing of Things to Do. Enjoy your visit on Prince Edward Island  and in Victoria-by-the-Sea.  jeb

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