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Where, Oh Where, is Poughkeepsie?

I have always been intrigued by names.  Cities in particular as they all have a history.  Poughkeepsie is no exception. Poughkeepsie serves as the county seat of Dutchess County and is located in the Hudson River Valley midway between New York City and Albany. That’s probably way more information that most senior citizens need or want! The name derives from a word in the Wappinger language, roughly U-puku-ipi-sing, meaning “the reed covered lodge by the little-water place,” referring to a spring or stream feeding into the Hudson River, south of the present downtown area.

Founded way back in 1687, this small Hudson River city has a population of about 45,000. After the British burned Kingston in 1777, Poughkeepsie served as the state capital for several years. New York’s first governor, George Clinton, lived in the city for more than two decades, and it was here that New York State ratified the Constitution in 1788.

Seniors Enjoy Poughkeepsie

Early on, Poughkeepsie was a major center for whale rendering, and during the 19th century industry flourished through shipping, hatteries, papermills, and several breweries along the Hudson River, including some owned by Matthew Vassar, founder of Vassar College.

TripAdvisor suggests 13 hotels for you to choose from as well as the Copper Penny B&B .  You can also select from several top-rated things to do as well as top-rated restaurants in town. If you are in NYC, take Amtrak, it’s an easy ride and way to view Main Street that is on the National Register of Historic Places. Relaxation comes easily in Poughkeepsie, there are twenty-two surrounding parks that provide the opportunity to take a break from busy life.

Vassar College , Marist College and Dutchess Community College are all located within Poughkeepsie.  Along with these prestigious institutes of higher learning, they are also proud to have Locust Grove, the former home of Samuel Morse, as well as many other buildings and sites of similar historical significance. It’s a town with “something for everyone”, rich in culture and steeped in history. If you are a pilot and have your own plane, fly into Stewart International Airport or next door the Westchester County Airport. You can also sail your yacht into the harbor and dock at the Yacht Club. It’s pretty cool. The city is small but inviting and invites seniors to come and enjoy another pleasant atmosphere.  jeb

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