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Potsdam Awaits Senior Visitors

Potsdam is said to be a world of palaces, parks and gardens. Potsdam, the state capital of Brandenburg, is best known as the former royal seat of Prussia with a number of magnificent parks and palaces. Prussia’s splendor and glory, the legacy of Frederick I and Frederick II (better known as Frederick the Great), a proud tradition as a seat of art and science – Potsdam offers a spectacular wealth of culture and history, waiting for senior visitors to enjoy. Potsdam lies southwest of Berlin in a beautiful setting of woodland and lakes.

Three hundred years ago, the garrison town of Potsdam became one of Europe’s most magnificent royal cities. The Prussian kings created a baroque dream in Potsdam and its surroundings, to which their successors added great neo-classical monuments. In 1990, the Palaces and Parks of Potsdam were awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

A good starting point for a walk through the historical centre of Potsdam is Alter Markt, the city’s central square. The Church of St. Nicholas, Lustgarten park and the Old Town Hall form an impressive grouping of grand buildings. The royal palace currently being rebuilt on Alter Markt square will provide a new seat for the regional assembly.

TripAdvisor lists 21 things that would appeal to seniors. The Sanssouci Park is a major site. This is a fabulous park for picnicking, walking and cycling around. There is no entrance fee and you can visit the outside of all the palaces, the wonderfully kept gardens and Church of Peace.  One visitor commented, “We were cycling around the park until 7:30pm on a beautiful summer evening. It would take a few hours to walk around the park and even longer if you go into the palaces.”

Seniors Discover A Beautiful German City

Without a doubt, Potsdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Adding to the cultural ambiance, the capital city of the State of Brandenburg is a natural destination to satisfy varied senior interests and demands. So grab a bike and go cycling here. Potsdam is an excellent place for cyclists: The route Alter Fritz (Old Fritz) stretches for 17 kilometres and is signposted with ‘F1’. You can learn a great deal about the city and its attractive surroundings along this route. You will see almost all the important sights on the round trip – the Marstall Royal Stables, the Mosque, Schloss Sanssouci palace, the New Chambers, the Neuer Palais, and of course, the historic residential quarters. The only areas where cyclists are not permitted are in the historic parks.

So seniors, thinking of a vacation in Germany?  Most people would love to have an all-in-one-package!  The city is filled with historical sights, museums, palaces and bustling city flair.  Potsdam seems to offer it all. What more could one ask for?  jeb

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