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Seniors lured to Pennsylvania Attractions

More and more seniors are attracted to the Keystone State…Pennsylvania. Why?  There is just so much to do and see here… the destinations are almost endless. The state advertises that there are “mountains of attractions” that are hidden deep in the Pennsylvania Mountains.

And of course you can always start off with Phillly. I love Philly.  The first time I visited the city I called back to my wife in Minnesota and said “come now”!   Philadelphia, or Philly, which is how many folks tenderly call their city, is not only the largest city in Pennsylvania, but also probably the most interesting city to visit.

The history of the city goes back to 1682, therefore Philadelphia has many historical sites, buildings and monuments.  Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 proclaiming American independence, to Penn’s Landing, named after the influential and charismatic governor William Penn, the city fascinates seniors.

Seniors Attracted to PA’s Rich Culture, History and Beauty

Pennsylvania, with its rolling hills and historic battlefields, is one of America’s most fascinating states – one of the many states in the nation that can offer a rich experience for any traveler. First-class cities, such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, are alive with great restaurants and nightlife, providing a perfect complement to Pennsylvania’s beautiful mountain vistas and rolling, forested countryside.  In addition, Pennsylvania’s rich culture and history have impacted the nation and the world, making the Keystone State an enriching and educational destination for vacationers of all ages, especially seniors. Do check out Valley Forge while you are there.

Did you know that Pennsylvania is the fifth most visited state in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. Home to more than 54,000 miles of rivers and streams, 116 state parks, and 20 state forests, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of room to roam in Pennsylvania’s wilderness. For the curious, more than 1,000 museums and hundreds of historical sites help tell the Commonwealth’s rich and storied past.

This cool map helps you bounce around the state to visit various sites of interest.  The major cities are cultural and diverse, national parks are suitable for many recreational activities from hunting to hiking to skiing, amusement parks are great for family weekends, and cozy resorts are perfect for romantic getaways. And even though it is difficult to put Pennsylvania on must-visit in America list, there are some places and cities here that are really worth a trip and Pa 511 has the official travel information service for you to check out.  Are you folks who love to camp?  PA has it all together for you.

Another fond memory is Pennsylvania Dutch Country in Lancaster County.  It is unique and full of farms, roads and small restaurants that will capture your interest. You will not be wanting for things to do here as you wander through roads that are frequented by buggies, horse drawn vehicles and many many Amish residents. The name is actually derived from a mispronunciation of the term “Pennsylvania Deutsche”, which was applied to the early German-speaking immigrants that settled in the area. Their heritage is reflected in the names of many towns like Germantown, Stroudsburg, Soudersburg and Strasburg, and is still apparent in the local culture of the Mennonite and Amish inhabitants.

Let TripAdvisor fill you in on details of attractions throughout the state, including attractions in Pittsburgh, Gettysburg, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Hershey and other major cities. You can’t go wrong in PA folks. jeb

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