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Seniors Love Old Montana and Bigfork

Nestled between two mountains, on the lush and rolling banks of Swan Lake, in northwest Montana, the private community of Kootenai is poised to become one of the most exclusive residential enclaves in the west. Just forty-two luxurious cabin homes—some historically significant, others brand new, all of them exquisite—will ultimately rise to stand beside the majestic Kootenai Lodge and stately barn that have been here for nearly a century. And it is here, along this half-mile ribbon of pristine shoreline where lake, creek and river meet, that the state’s thousands of pleasures have been capture, concentrated, doubled, then poured out for senior citizens to enjoy the Kootenai Experience.

Bigfork Montana will keep you busy with boat tours, charter services, mountain guides and more. Sheltered in a bay on Flathead Lake, right where the Swan River joins the Lake, Bigfork quite aptly calls itself the Village by the Bay.  It has great Flathead Valley views of mountain ranges that drop off dramatically into the Lake’s edges.

There are only around 1,700 folks who live here, surrounded with hundreds of apple, cherry, plum and pear trees that got started way back in 1892. Bigfork is known as a leading arts community in Montana, and its population is growing quickly with urban refugees. In summer the number swells still more with visitors who have come to enjoy its art galleries, live theatre, sidewalk cafes, and restaurants.  There seems to be something going on year round that attracts seniors from all over the country. Its just one beautiful scene after another.

The Lodge and Fishing Attracts Senior Visitors

A magnificent hunting lodge dressed up for a grand Gatsby-like ball, the Kootenai Lodge has entertained John D. Rockefeller, Will Rogers, Charles Lindbergh, Jane Wyatt, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and famous Western artist Charles Russell —who etched some playful images into the concrete of the Lodge’s ample courtyard.  One of the most significant historic places in northwest Montana, Kootenai Lodge Historic District consists of 20 buildings, including a Main Lodge (built in the early 20th century), several smaller lodges, dining halls and various cabins. The buildings range in size from the humble quarters of the hired help to the magnificent lodge and living quarters for residents and guests.

The Kootenai River flows through Libby and Troy and offers Blue Ribbon trout fishing.  Scenic Kootenai Falls and Lake Koocanusa Reservoir are two of the many attractions along this mountain river. Then you have the Kootenai National Forest located in the northwest corner of Montana and the northeast corner of Idaho on the Canadian border. Providing abundant recreation and a wealth of natural resources, the Kootenai is a perfect place for seniors to relax and enjoy Montana’s great outdoors. Enjoy Big Sky Country and the entire area around Bigfork. jeb

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