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Seniors Love the Mexican Riviera

Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo – runs along 26 kilometers of hilly tropical coastline with dozens of sandy beaches and scalloped coves.  Sea breezes keep Ixtapa (eeks-TAH-pa) enjoyable year round with an average temperature of  78.8 degrees and the sun shines approximately 340 days a year and that is a lot like The Valley of the Sun in Phoenix.  Ixtapa is located in the State of Guerrero, Mexico, on the Pacific Coast in the area known as the Mexican Rivera, 200 Km north of Acapulco.  It is just five minutes drive from the fishing village of Zihuatanejo (zee-watt-a-NEH-ho), 15 minutes from the endless virgin beaches of Troncones and about 30 minutes from the fabulous beaches and wildlife preserve lagoons at Barra de Potosi. This area is known as one of Mexico’s top beach escapes. There is a new Club Med here for you to check out.

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo Dazzle Seniors

Why here?  Mostly due to spectacular ocean and beach and island views, two world class golf courses, tennis courts, gourmet restaurants, small intimate eateries, huge selection of shopping, discos, live entertainment, tours, top 10 ranked sport fishing, incredible scuba diving, kayak tours, offshore tropical islands and much more. Here you will experience great beaches, gorgeous sunsets and non-stop entertainment. A stroll along the Pacific beaches is breathtaking for anyone deciding to visit these two neighboring towns, so close but so different. Ixtapa is a sophisticated tourist center, while Zihuatanejo is a small, quaint fishing port. Together, they are a must-see destination for discerning senior travelers in search of a unique beach experience. This combined destination offers excitement of all kinds from diving in the blue depths of the Pacific, to walking or biking along mountain trails, to swimming with dolphins, or even zip-lining through treetops cooled by ocean breezes. I did not know that this area is now the third most visited area in Mexico after Cancún and Puerto Vallarta.

Wikipedia reports that Zihuatanejo or Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, is the fourth-largest city in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Politically the city belongs to the municipality of Zihuatanejo de Azueta in the western part of Guerrero, but both are commonly referred to as Zihuatanejo. It is on the Pacific Coast, about 240 km (149 miles) northwest of Acapulco, and belongs to a section of the Mexican Pacific Coast known as the Costa Grande. This town has been developed as a tourist attraction along with the modern tourist resort of Ixtapa, 5 km away. However, Zihuatanejo keeps its traditional town feel. The town is located on a well-protected bay which is popular with private boat owners during the winter months.

There are two possible origins for the name Zihuatanejo. The first would be from P’urhépecha language meaning “water of the yellow mountain” and the second would be from Nahuatl (Cihuatlán) meaning “place of women.” Cihuatlán or “place of women” refers to the western paradise of the Nahuatl universe, the home of the “goddess women.”

Yahoo Travel is a great means of exploring your destination prior to your visit.  Yahoo for Frommers also offers photos and information on Ixtapa. This dual destination is the choice for senior travelers looking for a little of everything, from resort-style indulgence to unpretentious simplicity. These two resorts are more welcoming than many resorts, with a number of places that are off-limits to children younger than 16 — something of a rarity in Mexico. Check out this map prior to your visit and see all those “Playas” that seem to be everywhere. Buen viaje to everyone.  jeb

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