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Idaho Attractions for Seniors

There are only four states that I have not visited. Idaho is one of them. I just received a 336-page Idaho State Adventure Guide filled with information on a state that abounds with fun activities and so many things for seniors to see and do. If Idaho is new to you as well, I suggest that you start off by sending for one of the Free Idaho Travel Planners.  You will see 11 planned visits that range from outdoor adventures to Moscow and Pullman.  Travel along  historic routes made famous by Lewis and Clark.

Idaho abounds with a plethora of tourist attractions that seniors will find interesting. Included are museums and art galleries, amusement parks, national and state parks, historical places, great fishing, sporting events and festivals.  Idaho is home to thousands of miles of biking trails, mountains to climb, lakes to fish, 17 ski resorts, over 100 golf courses and more whitewater than any other state in the lower 48.  Butch Otter, the present governor, states that Idaho attracts more than 30 million people from all over the world each year.

I found the outline of Idaho to look like a piece out of a puzzle with its jagged edges and only a couple straight lines. This guide will take you to each of the 7 regions of the state and provides information that will fill any itinerary to the brim. In Idaho, seniors will want to “Think Outside” and all you have to do is to select an activity, type of attraction, a specific city or town or a region. It’s one “dandy” of a URL.

Idaho provides many “Adventures in Living” with Guides and Maps, Ideas for Your Visit as well as Departments and Commissions. Specifics on the State and Federal Resources provide quick facts as well as an interesting history.

I knew of Sun Valley, Idaho and that Boise was the capital but did you know that it is called “The Gem State.”  I guess I had heard that name before but never associated it with Idaho.  Every state has a “handle” of some sort.  Another URL finds that Idaho is nicknamed the “Wilderness State” as Idaho is a large state with one of the smallest populations, totaling about 1.5 million people with nearly four million acres of designated wilderness, so take your pick once you arrive.

Seniors Discover One of America’s Best Kept Secrets

The “Top Ten” places to see will set you off in several directions.  Idaho, one of America’s best-kept secrets is in recent years emerging as one of the West’s premiere senior vacation destinations with its timbered mountains, pristine lakes, wide-open vistas, vibrant cities and irrigated farmlands that dot the state from Nevada to Canada.

The Gem State’s door is wide open to senior travelers looking for fun, outdoor enthusiasts in search of the thrills of nature, adventure seekers or those just looking to relax. I leave you with a totally immersive, real-life online film adventure featuring everything that Idaho has to offer.  A 25-person crew with six cameras captured all the recreation, scenery, and delightful Idaho hospitality they could fit into the ten-day trip called The Great Idaho Getaway.

If you have never been to Idaho, put it on your “bucket list” as I have and enjoy every moment. jeb

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