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I can recall as if it were yesterday.  I was standing under the famous Arc De Triomphe in Paris explaining to a group of my high school students the history of the Arch, the François Rude sculpture, Napoleon’s role, the Marseillaise portion and more.  When I turned around an American couple was listening to my entire talk.  They came to me afterwards and told me how much they enjoyed my explanation of the Arch.  Upon visiting with them I learned they were from West Glacier, Montana.  I told them that my family and I were planning a camping visit to Glacier National Park with our camper.  We were invited to camp in their back yard on the Flathead River. 

We took them up on their offer and wow…did we ever enjoy the spot, the scenery, the river, the dozens of elk that were running across the local golf course and of course just being in Big Sky Country…Montana.

The couple were so courteous to my wife and our three children at the time, ages 14, 12 and 6.  Of course now they are 46, 44 and 38.  They each remember that trip as well.  My children and I had a harrowing experience when our raft got caught on a large rock in the middle of the Flathead river; the rapids went both directions around the rock; the raft was almost split in half before we were finally freed. We were relieved to get back to our campsite.  Glacier National is unlike any other national park I have visited.

Glacier National Park cautions folks with campers on the high roads because the corners are so sharp that often large campers can not navigate them.  Certainly no place for a large Winnebago RV.  As you round around every corner new scenery abounds.  Deep blue lakes, mountains everywhere, snow piled up in the high peaks and tons of beautiful green pine trees.  I invite you to check it all out yourselves.

Here are a few sites to help you explore the region prior to your arrival.  The scenery alone at Glacier is well worth trip.  Read more on planning this trip with Frommers

Commemorating 100 years of Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park was designated our nation’s 10th national park on May 11, 1910. The story of Glacier’s past, present, and future is one shared by many diverse cultures and people. It is a story that has deeply-rooted personal connections. Consider this a time for celebration, inspiration, and engagement!  Be a little careful with the weather at Weather in the mountains can be fickle. Visitors may experience temperatures high into the 90s with clear and sunny skies, and then see snow showers and falling temperatures all in the same day. 
Here is one of the best kept secrets in America, Glacier Park is possibly the most beautiful, awe-inspiring natural wonder in the United States.  Designated as a national park in 1910, Glacier is comprised of 1,600 square miles with elevations ranging from 3,150 to 10,466 feet (Mount Cleveland). Open daily, year-round, but some visitor services such as hotels, tours and restaurants, are only open from late May through September.  Every road or hiking trail offers spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife viewing.

More selected sites with great information about Glacier National Park for senior visitors:
Enjoy the park!!      jeb

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  1. This sounds like a great trip! I used to work as a river guide in Colorado, and one of the best perks of the job was all the random people I met and connections I made. I went on many, many trips because I met people and, like you, had a place to “camp” in someone’s backyard. I’ve always wanted to go to Glacier National Park, but it’s one of the few things I haven’t done in Montana. A couple summers ago I went on a guided fly fishing tour in Montana with the crew at It was an incredible experience, but it made me want to go back and explore the beautiful state even more.

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