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Numerous Attractions in Douglas

Headlines:  “AZ Cowgirl places in national event.” Here’s a new twist for senior readers of this blog. I read in the morning newspaper here in the Valley that Georgia Diez took second place in the All-Around Cowgirl of the Year contest held in Rock Springs, WY.  She plans on going to college in Douglas, Arizona at Cochise College. I wanted to follow up on that story and find out where Douglas was located and more about that school… being a former teacher myself.  Here she plans to pursue a career in nursing and to continue competing in rodeos in college. Good for her.

Explore Douglas down on the border

Douglas, Arizona is in the County of Cochise situated on the US / Mexican border adjacent to the Mexican city of Agua Prieta. It is located 118 miles southeast of Tucson.  Douglas has over 18,000 residents and was founded in 1901. Douglas was first established as a smelter site for the prosperous copper mines in Bisbee, Arizona. The town is named after mining pioneer James Douglas.

Senior Historians Enjoy the Old West

The area has a history of cattle ranching and agriculture dating back to the 1800’s that continues to thrive to this day. The region also figures prominently in the history of the old west. Cochise County was home to many famous historical figures such as Cochise, Geronimo, John Slaughter, Wyatt Earp, and Doc Holliday and their stories played out across the tapestry of the mountains and grasslands of Cochise County.

The Old Historic Hotel and the Southern Pacific RR

The historic landmarks in Douglas itself include the Hotel Gadsden, Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, and Slaughter’s Ranch. For years, hotel workers and guests have confessed to seeing an apparition often around Lent or Christmas, and often in the hotel’s cavernous basement. Sometimes it’s described as headless, caped and wearing army-style khaki clothing. In her 26th year of operating one of the oldest manual elevators west of the Mississippi, Carmen Diaz saw the ghost in the basement as well.

For senior citizens who enjoy the outdoors, the San Bernardino and Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Preserves are just minutes from town and they provide nature lovers a chance to observe over 283 species of wildlife. The Chiricahua Mountains, one of Arizona’s largest mountain ranges, is also located close by. All the news that’s “fit to print” is in the Douglas Dispatch to catch visitors up on what’s happening in town. More specs if those kinds of figures interest you.

I hope that you will take some time when you are in southern AZ and mosey on down to Douglas. Small towns occupy a special place in the American consciousness, but when nestled among the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains on the New Mexico/Arizona border, like the town of Douglas, this charm becomes undeniable. Douglas was chosen among the Top 100 Small Towns in America in 2008 and that means that it’s a fine town. jeb

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