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Super Rail System in Europe

After the second world war, the Marshall Plan played a very important role in the reconstruction of Europe.  This included the rebuilding of a ruined rail system.  Today all of Europe is served by a super system of rails that seniors can take to most all major cities.

Get on board Europe’s trains

Senior Citizens can explore Europe by train in up to 23 countries with the Eurail pass and choose from thousands of fascinating destinations to visit. Pick the type of train that best fits your travel plans and get where you want to go, by day or night. Travel quickly and in comfort from one exciting destination to the next while you watch inspiring scenery pass you by. If you have never traveled on a high-speed train, you are in for a thrill. With modern high-speed trains you can quickly travel large distances by rail. These trains are not only fast but also comfortable. High-speed trains often require advance reservation. You will have a nice choice among several countries and several trains including the TGV and the Eurostar. Again, a Railpass is basically a single ticket good for unlimited travel or a certain number of days within a set period of time on almost all trains within a set geographic region. They are easy to use, easy to purchase and work extremely easy.

Advantages of the Eurail Pass

In addition to the ease outlined above, it gives seniors the freedom to hop on a train whenever you feel like it, making a day trip out of town easy and cheap. There’s no waiting in ticket lines either. In addition to the granddaddy Eurail Pass, covering 17 countries of Western Europe, there are also regional passes (to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Germany/Benelux, etc.), dual-country passes, and single-country passes.

Select one of the following high speed trains for more detailed information:
Alaris (Spain)
Altaria (Spain)
Alvia (Spain)
AVE (Spain)
Euromed (Spain)
Eurostar (France, Belgium, Great Britain)
Eurostar Italia (Italy)
ICE (Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland)
Railjet (Austria, Hungary, Germany)
SuperCity (Czech Republic, Austria)
TGV (France, Switzerland, Belgium)
TGV (Artesia de Jour) (Italy, France)
Thalys (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands)
SJ High Speed train (Sweden)

Why is train travel so popular with seniors? There are several ways to answer this question:
•    Train travel is less stressful
•    No early flight check-ins
•    Avoid fatigue from driving long distances – or driving in unfamiliar surroundings
•    Comfortable and civilized accommodations
•    Great discounts for seniors
Let’s say you arrive in London and want to get to Europe.  Here’s how. BritRail has passes at a reduced price for seniors and you will want to check these out as you travel to and from Great Britain. On this site seniors can book a trip, purchase a rail pass, plan a trip, get FAQs and make contact with RailEurope. Have a question?  Let me help with that answer and call 1-866-549-7614 (within the USA) and ask for Dave, Eurail Expert!  What a deal huh?

Just ask Rick
Rick Steves is my travel hero and appears on many travel shows.  He is an expert on travel throughout the world. He answers many questions that senior have asked and he can help you too. Enjoy the rails as you will also enjoy a great deal of countryside out of the windows, a great dining car and even sleeping in Pullman cars. Do consider traveling from one city to another via the train. My daughter and I will soon do so from Prague to Vienna and on to Budapest before we head back to the states. We look forward to the rail trip and you will too. jeb

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