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Samoa Lures Senior Citizens

Samoa is one of those islands in the Pacific that senior citizens can include when they go island hopping. Let’s check out the island up close and see what there is to see and do on this exciting island. National Geographic Traveler Magazine highlighted some of the attractions in Samoa in their June/July 2010 Issue (p. 17). They said that it is a “young country with old traditions” so let’s investigate together what those might be.

The Traditional Islands of the South Pacific

Located half way between New Zealand and Hawaii, it is way out there just below the equator in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Samoa is a postcard of natural beauty consisting of ten islands, each offering very distinct and different environments to explore. From the rainforest covered rugged volcanic mountain peaks of the two main islands to the vast valleys leading down to a coastline ringed with a necklace of white sandy beaches. Within these lush green fertile valleys, grow banyan trees towering above the rainforest canopy which is full of tropical blooms and numerous varieties of vegetation. Cascading waterfalls dropping into rivers that cut jagged lines through the valley floor as they make their way to the ocean. Seen and heard enough? Wow, sounds to me like a wonderful island paradise.

20 Reasons to Visit Samoa

As if you have not already read about the natural amenities of Samoa, here are a few more that attract seniors to the islands. Weather-wise, the most comfortable time to visit Samoa is between May and October, during the country’s dry season. An extra incentive to visit at this time of year is that this is when major Samoan festivals are held. During the wet season from November to April, the islands are difficult to tour and receive occasional battering from tropical cyclones; the last big storm to hit the region was Olaf, which blew across the area in early 2005.

The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is set in the Scottish author’s beautifully restored former residence, Villa Vailima. Stevenson had the mansion built in 1890 after deciding the climate of ‘Upolu might ameliorate his tuberculosis, but he died there a mere four years later. Stevenson and his wife Fanny Osborne are buried in the adjacent Mt Vaea Scenic Reserve. Then there is Goldfish Lake, Lake Lanoto’o is an eerie, pea-green crater lake full of wild goldfish (and leeches). It’s a great place for a swim, but a little spooky because of alternating warm and cold currents, and the fact that the bottom of the lake has never been found. Very few visitors ever see this lovely and unusual spot. Papasee’s Sliding Rock Papasee’a Sliding Rock will cool you down and is a great place to skim down a waterfall. Ron Merten’s blog on the island provides some great insights on how he spent time in Samoa and our own State Department fills in lots of blanks.

I will add TripAdvisor’s great aids for seniors that include the top-rated hotels, some great B&Bs, things to see and do and where you can eat some South Pacific gourmet meals. Do greet everyone you meet here with Talofa! (Hello in the native language). jeb

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