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Seniors Flock to Southeast Arizona

Arizona is a senior birder’s bonanza. In the southeastern corner of the state, many species found primarily south of the border reach the northern limits of their ranges. Combine this with several mountains that rise like islands from the desert and provide appropriate habitat for hundreds of species, and you have some of the best bird-watching in the country and Sierra Vista is right in the middle of things.

Nature Abounds in and around Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista is a community in SE Arizona that is famous for Fort Huachuca.  Senior citizens will find dozens of attractions… that will catch the interest of the nature lover,  archaeology with the many petroglyphs, the history or military buff, and certainly the bird watching aficionado.

Sierra Vista, which is Spanish for “Mountain View”, is located 70 miles southeast of Tucson and serves as the main commercial, cultural, and recreational hub of Cochise County. It is scenic in all directions in and around Sierra Vista.

Land of Legends

In Sierra Vista you’ll be welcomed to the “Land of Legends” that is the land of Cochise County. Cochise County is famous for its  legendary figures like Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and historic figures from the Apache Tribe such as Cochise and Geronimo. They all lived in what is now called Cochise County, and each left a unique mark in the history of the American West.

Visitor Brochures

I was very impressed with all the vineyards in the area (15) so that those of you who enjoy sampling the fruit of the vine will enjoy visiting several. Fodor’s will help fill up your itinerary as well.

And all those “Hummers”

Sierra Vista is world famous for its 15 species of hummingbirds. Located at the center of one of the finest birding areas in the United States, Sierra Vista is often referred to as “The Hummingbird Capital of the U.S.” A desert expert friend of mine asks folks in his audiences, “What do Diamond Back Rattlers and Hummingbirds have in common?”  His response…”Arizona!

The mild climate, proximity to Mexico and diverse habitats, including 9,000-foot mountains and the magnificent San Pedro River Valley, make southeastern Arizona a major hotspot for rare and unusual species of birds. So bring along your birder binoculars, your birder identifier book and have fun identifying the many different “hummers” in and around Sierra Vista.

Senior Citizen Travelers, “It’s Cooler Than You Think!”

I think that you will enjoy surfing these neat sites in and around Sierra Vista. You may pass through Tucson on your way to the city and this driving tour will get you there as you pass through miles and miles of scenic territory. It’s full of ancient Native American sites and the Coronado National Forest.

Views are spectacular from these mountains, and visitors may experience all four seasons during a single day’s journey, wandering through the desert among giant saguaro cactus and colorful wildflowers in the morning, enjoying lunch beside a mountain stream, and playing in the snow later in the afternoon.

Bing loves videos and TripAdvisor loves giving advice

Bing Travel provide seniors with a bunch of videos that provide a nice overview of the city with a population of just over 44,000. TripAdvisor has some hotels, B&Bs, things to do and 73 SE AZ restaurants to keep you busy.

You’ll not want to pass up Ramsey Canyon in the Huachuca Mountains,  renowned for its outstanding scenic beauty and the diversity of its plant and animal life.

I’d suggest that serious senior birders send for this book called Birds of SE Arizona from Amazon to help you in your search to identify all those different species. Enjoy your hunt and Sierra Vista. jeb

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