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Seniors Discover The Vineyards of Long Island

I’ve been all over France visiting the major vineyards.  So it was fascinating for this senior to learn about Long Island Wine Country . In little over quarter of a century the Long Island wine industry has grown from one small vineyard to 3,000 acres of vines and over thirty wineries producing world-class wines. Located on the east coast, Long Island,  New York extends some 120 miles into the Atlantic Ocean. Its maritime climate, geography and soil characteristics provide ideal conditions for producing wines of exceptional quality.

It has been said by many that Long Island is one of the country’s most exciting wine producing regions today, with great reviews and high praise found in major food and wine publications nationwide. It has been a little more than three decades since the first commercial grapes were planted on Long Island, spawning today’s multi-million dollar winemaking industry. Wall Street Journal  had an article focusing on these vineyards that seem to dot the entire Long Island Sound. Take the tour with YouTube to soak up the atmosphere prior to your visit.

Seniors, Do You Swallow or Spit?

If you know your wines, you will find that Long Island has earned a reputation for producing world-class Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Other popular varietals include Sauvignon Blanc, Gewrztraminer, Shiraz and Viognier. NorthCork was created to help you plan a wine tour.  There are over 30 wineries to choose from, each with its own personality. Most of the wineries are owned by families who take an active role in managing the vineyards, making the wine, and running the tasting rooms.

A real plus on Long Island is the fact that the area is surrounded by water which helps regulate temperature and humidity, and creates an excellent environment for the vines. A tasting guide will also provide info as the best time to go, whether to spit or swallow and what to see and do at the winery. Lastly here is a guide to all the wineries as to their fame and location. The only decision you will have to make here is to whether or not you “swallow or spit.”  Enjoy Long Island.  jeb

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