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My daughters are both very adept at finding good travel deals on the Internet.  Both love Travelzoo, and so do I.    This site features The Top 20 travel deals.  With over 20 million subscribers, the Top 20 is a weekly e-mail of the best travel deals. But only subscribers can see their deals. So seniors, sign up now – It’s FREE. As an added bonus, you will also receive Newsflash™ alerts for late-breaking deals for your area, giving you a first-look at incredible deals before they sell out.  Their suggested destination for the week is Iceland.
So what’s the deal with Travelzoo? 

“It is the most trusted publisher of travel deals. Their team researches, evaluates and tests thousands of deals to find those with true value. They recommend only deals whose accuracy and availability they can confirm. With over 18 million subscribers, they are the largest publisher of travel deals on the Internet.  More than 2,000 travel companies from around the world list their very best offers with them. They have deal experts (called producers) located in 20 offices across North America, Europe and Asia to work with these companies and to provide you the smartest information.” (Credits to web site)

And that’s the deal. The Travelzoo Top 20 is a list of the week’s best travel deals that they have to offer.  Every week their team researches, evaluates and recommends hundreds of airfare, hotel, vacation packages, cruises and rental car deals.  Only the most competitive make their Top 20 list.  Their Test Booking Center confirms the accuracy and availability of every deal on their list before it goes out. 

You can check travelzoo out on Twitter.  WikiPedia offers more information about the company, its history and operations. I particularly appreciate their mission at the Travelzoo Foundation to improve and enrich the lives of disadvantaged individuals through the sponsorship of travel. They believe that travel can provide critical access to essential health services for poor or vulnerable people. Further, they believe that travel provides empowering experiences that can accelerate personal growth and help propel a disadvantaged individual towards a better future. 

Give their Flight Search a try. I selected a flight from Phoenix (PHX)  to CDG (Charles DeGaulle in Paris) for a week. found me a flight on US Airways for just $731.  That’s a super price.  I can fly from Chicago to Paris on Continental for $521 using the same site.  From Newark to Lisbon to Paris on TAP Portugal, only $249.  So, grab your bag.   jeb

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