Senior Travelers Enjoy Beautiful Scenery

Jul 7th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Travel

This blog will feature primarily YouTube visits to the “Most Beautiful Sites on Earth.”  There are so many spots that can easily fill a “Bucket List” for seniors.  That’s a tall order seniors but try these for starters.  Our planet is full of scenery that baffles the mind.

Hang on for a full eight minutes with scenes that National Geographic would love to feature.  Do hit the little button that will fill your screen with bubbling lava huge green peaks that have eroded over centuries; a night ride across the Caucasus;  helicopter rides that will give you the “willies” like a 3-D I-MAX; waterfalls that are roaring; snowy peaks; oceans that defy description for their beauty and a shot from a satellite of Mother Earth and more. This video has had only 67.000 viewers.  Guess it is because folks have not yet discovered it.  It is well done in my opinion.  What do you think?

Want to be even more impressed? Google Earth takes you on a journey called Secret Places of the Earth Amazing Crazy Video. I came away saying “Gee Wiz” I didn’t know that!

This blog could easily go on and on, but I’ll slow down with this one called Top 20 Most Beautiful Places on Earth and indeed they all rank very high. One last shot with Massachusetts, Paris, London, Portugal, France, Japan, China, Hawaii, Alaska, Sydney, Egypt, New Zealand, Switzerland…so where do we stop. Answer = We don’t. We just keep on traveling folks. Enjoy your visits. jeb



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