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Senior Citizen Mecca

There are so many small towns in the US that stand out from others.  For me St. George, Utah is one of those. I have been through the town only once but was struck with its beauty and inviting atmosphere.  St. George is known for its majestic scenery, mild winter climate, excellent golf courses, outdoor adventure and friendly people. Saint George”  is a mecca for seniors (often referred to as Snowbirds) looking to find a dry and warmer climate during the winter months. St. George offers excellent medical services, entertainment, shopping, dining, and outdoor activities.

St. George History

I discovered that while no one knows for sure how St. George was named, two theories are generally accepted by historians. It seems two influential men of the day – George A. Smith, an early Mormon Apostle and Phillip St. George Cooke – are likely to be credited. George A. Smith, a first cousin to the Prophet Leader Brigham Young, affectionately earned the name of “The Potato Saint” when he urged the early pioneers to eat raw, unpeeled potatoes, to cure a troublesome bout with scurvy. Since potatoes contain a high amount of vitamin C beneath the skin, the early settlers were cured; thus, the name “St. George.”

You will not need many sites to describe the town as this one has it all covered and it is very well designed. Just keep tapping the nice gold circle that reads “City of St. George Sesquicentennial” and you will see many beautiful scenes of the area. Let’s look at the most notable historic sites around St. George beginning with the LDS temple,  built in 1871.

So Where Will Seniors Find This Little Oasis?

St. George lies on the border between Utah and a tip of Arizona leading into Nevada.  St. George, the county’s largest city, lies along interstate 15 with a host of smaller communities that make up Utah’s Dixie. The advantages of the county’s position along one of the nation’s key north-south routes between California and places such as Salt Lake City, Denver and Albuquerque are making Washington County one of the nation’s fastest growing communities.

The scenic area not only provides easy access to major markets of the western United States, it has become a destination point for countless people and businesses looking for a better way of life and more fruitful atmosphere for growth and prosperity. GreatPlacesToRetire lists St. George as one of the great places in the US to live in retirement” and lists many good reasons. Many senior couples retire in St. George because of the beautiful climate while others snowbird.

Utah’s Dixie with everything from A to Zion

St. George is known as “Utah’s Dixie” because of its temperate climate. Mild winters make it ideal for golf year-round – 10 of Utah’s best courses are located there! The city is the business and cultural center for southwest Utah, and is a major gateway to nearby Zion National Park. The Top 10 things to do in St. George includes golf, national parks, spa resorts and more. Zion National Park is a big draw.  The area abounds with good dining and activities that seniors find attractive.

As if you have not seen enough already…

Per capita, St. George, Utah is possibly the most active of destinations in the Americas. Key  events are the St. George Marathon, Ironman Triathlon, and the World Senior Games. St. George is also host to a very large number of sporting tournaments for softball, soccer, and other sports. St. George has the facilities to host a tournament for over 300 softball teams, and the Canyons softball complex is rated the best of its kind in the western U.S. When you add the many active events to opportunities for outdoor hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, canyoneering, rock climbing, ATV riding and other outdoor adventures, St. George simply offers more than most places several times its size.

So what does TripAdvisor say about St. George?

The city of St. George was named by Trip Advisor (in 2009) as the #1 emerging hotspot in the country! Located just 90 minutes from Las Vegas, it’s a convenient trip, and has the ability to make you feel a million miles from the hustle and bustle. National Geographic called St. George one of the “50 best places to live and play.”

I’m willing to place a bet that you will enjoy St. George just as my wife and I did only while just passing through.  If you have never been to St. George, you are in for a real treat.  jeb

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