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Years back when I was teaching French and coaching at a private 9-12 military school in Minnesota, the German teacher always spoke so highly of the Isle of Capri.  He described it as Italy Heaven.  He would go on and on about the beauty of the island and I was enthralled at his prolific use of superlatives.  He said that it was the “most beautiful place on earth” but had very little to compare it with.  So here seniors, I invite you to join me in investigating why Herr Miner found this island so enchanting.  Wikipedia says this about the isle:

Capri is a rocky island off the shores of the southern Italian region of Campania. It lies at the southern edge of the Bay of Naples, beyond the Sorrentine peninsula (where you’ll find mainland Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast). English people generally mispronounce the name of the island – it’s not C’pree as in Ford, but CAPri, with the stress on the first syllable.
 The Isle of Capri is famed as a classy and beautiful holiday destination. It’s an island of myths, ranging through Sirens charming seafarers, ancient Roman orgies, dreamy seaviews, 1950s celebrities in big sunglasses, and lazy summer evenings spent browsing in exclusive boutiques alongside the world’s elite.
 Capri is an island of many contrasts. For rushed daytrippers, it is a crowded maze of expensive boutiques. For celebrities and the ultra-rich, a point of rendezvous. For historians, it is the palace-island of the Emperor Tiberius, dotted with neglected Roman remains. Walkers can step out along scenic short walks. For leisurely holidaymakers, it can present all this and more, along with staggering views and blue, blue sea. It is a dream honeymoon destination.” 

Try this for an “unimaginable” intro: A stark mass of limestone rock that rise sheerly through impossibly blue water, Capriis the perfect microcosm of Mediterranean appeal – a smooth cocktail of chichi piazzas and cool cafés, Roman ruins and rugged seascapes. It’s also a hugely popular day-trip destination and a summer favourite of holidaying VIPs. Inevitably, the two main centres, Capri Town and its uphill rival Anacapri, are almost entirely given over to tourism and prices are high. But explore beyond the designer boutiques and pointedly traditional trattorias and you’ll find that Capri’s hinterland retains an unspoiled rural charm with grand villas, overgrown vegetable plots, sun-bleached peeling stucco and banks of brilliantly coloured bougainvillea.

There are few must-sees on the island but there’s one you’d be sorry to miss. The Grotta Azzurra (Blue Cave) might be Capri’s most visited sight but the impact of the ethereal blue light is no less powerful for the crowds and singing boat owners. On the island’s other extremity, the ruins of Villa Jovis testify to the presence of the infamous Tiberius. The Blue Grotto is a “must” on Capri.  This alone makes the trip worthwhile as visitors have said. The Blue Grotto is one of several sea caves, worldwide, that is flooded with a brilliant blue or emerald light. The quality and nature of the color in each cave is determined by the unique lighting conditions in that particular cave.

I leave you with tons of touristy information on upcoming events, getting to the island, where to stay, what to see, what to do and more. This site has it all… videos, tips and tons of info.  So seniors, hurry over to your local tourist office and talk with your tourist agent about a trip to CAPRI.  It will be a lifetime memorable event… just ask “Herr Miner.” jeb

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