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So seniors, grab your bags and let’s head out for Sweden.  Situated between Norway and Finland in Scandinavia is the country of Sweden. Sweden tourism today has grown out of the large amount of natural resources enjoyed by the country’s inhabitants, including vast forests, shimmering lakes and an extensive archipelago,as well as the architecture left over from centuries past. Land of the midnight sun, the snowbound winters, meatballs, herring, Vikings and Volvos, ABBA and the Hives – whatever your pre-existing notions about Sweden may be, a visit to this multifaceted country is bound to both confirm and confound them. Though you’re unlikely to be greeted at the shore by throngs of mead-swilling berserkers in longships, evidence of the Vikings and their pillaging days is easy to find. A stroll through the Swedish countryside will often lead to a picnic on some ancient king’s burial mound.

Urban centers like Stockholm, Göteborg (otherwise known as Gothenburg) and Malmö consistently churn out cultural artifacts for an international audience (think IKEA, H&M, Absolut Vodka). The Island of Gotland, lying roughly equidistant between Sweden and Latvia, is Sweden’s most richly historical area but also has a hip party vibe. Travelers come to Sweden as much for the flash clubs and ground-breaking new restaurants as they do for wilderness hikes and visits to wooden-horse factories.  Your grandkids would enjoy one of those famous wooden horses!

The Official Travel Guide for Sweden welcomes you. Getting around Sweden is easy. Chose from a number of airlines, trains, ferries, buses or go by car. Though you may need to cover large distances (especially in northern Sweden), the country’s rail network is efficient and extensive. Comfortable, modern trains are designed to deal with all kinds of weather.  The roads are relatively free of traffic by international standards, and well maintained. Sometimes the only traffic you will have to look out for is the occasional deer or elk crossing the road! Sweden’s many lakes, islands and canals are linked by an extensive network of canal boats, vintage steamers, and ferries – large and small.

Sweden is a country that is an attractive travel destination. The first time visitor will find the landscape interesting and inviting, the cities compact, stylish and functional, and the Swedes attentive. Sweden is at its best during the summer and early fall. If you can schedule it, visit Sweden during one of its holidays and see the country come alive. Sweden has a number of extremely interesting attractions spread across this relatively large country. As is common in the Nordic countries, Sweden is an expensive place for the tourist.  Sweden makes a classic “add-on” destination for inclusion in an itinerary involving several countries.  Did you know that Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is a delightful city whose location covers  fourteen islands? Another of the best places to visit in Sweden is the Laplands. The Laplands cover territory in the far north, with much of the Laplands being located within the Artic Circle and be sure to bring your earmuffs and some warm gloves. A “do it all” website provides seniors with an overview that includes when to go, things to do, transportation, airlines, events, shopping and more.

Lonely Planethelps seniors to “make it happen” and to enjoy exploring Sweden using these add-ons:  explore Scandinavia, a cheaper way to go, the Stockholm Card, take a Viking day trip from Stockholm, why not get scared and take the Stockholm Ghost Walk, hop-on hop-off by boat around Stockholm, search cheap flights to Sweden, get in early and save on travel gear backpacks, sleeping bags and more.                                Ha en trevlig resa (have a nice trip) jeb

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