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So, Seniors, Have you visited Springfield?

In all likelihood, you have.  Springfield is a famously common place-name in the English-speaking world, especially in the US.  According to the U.S. Geological Survey there are currently 34 Springfields in 25 states including at least four in Wisconsin; additionally, there are at least 36 Springfield Townships, including 11 in Ohio.

Historically, the first American place named Springfield was Springfield, Massachusetts. Yahoo Answers found that “Officially, there are 13 cities, 11 towns, and 14 townships, for a total of 38. Of these, only 16 are incorporated cities or towns. Of the 11 towns, 4 are in Wisconsin. In some states (like Wisconsin), towns are the equivalent of townships. Of the 14 townships, 9 are in Pennsylvania, 2 are in Michigan, 2 are in New Jersey, and 1 is in Minnesota.” So that’s a bunch, right?

Out on a limb in the Ozarks

So I’m going out on a limb today and I am choosing Springfield, Missouri “the Queen City of the Ozarks” as “my choice.”  My wife and I have been there visiting friends and found the city to be very inviting.  It has a population of just over 116,000 making it the third largest city in the state after KC and St. Louis.  Springfield is in the rolling hills of the Ozarks and the beautiful scenery provides plenty of outdoor adventure. This surprisingly modern and green city holds the perfect blend of fascinating attractions, historical treasures, sports excitement and cultural and leisure activities.

Things to See and Do in Springfield

There is plenty in Springfield to entertain seniors and their families. Attractions include Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, Fantastic Caverns, Missouri State University, Springfield Cardinals Double-A Baseball, Dickerson Park Zoo, Discovery Center, Jordan Valley Ice Park, the “Birthplace of Route 66” and much more.

And shopping for seniors…Springfield is the region’s shopping hub, including Battlefield Mall with 170 shops and major department store anchors. Specialty shops, urban style boutiques and antique malls abound. And the Fantastic Caverns, the only ride-through cave in America brings in many seniors to view the fantastic scenery all underground.

The Discovery Center of Springfield (DCS) is an interactive, hands-on museum committed to inspiring people of all ages with a life-long love of learning and an appreciation of the world and our place in it. And Branson is less than fifty miles to the south and is always full of shows and attractions for seniors who come from all over the world. This video includes numerous ideas for activities to do in Springfield, MO.

Nothing like a good senior traveler blog to fill in your plans. Frommers is big on Springfield as well with a nice listing of Things to Do. So jump in the sedan and head down Interstate 44 and take in Springfield.  You will find out why folks in Missouri call it the “Show Me State.” jeb

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