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Seniors will find Greece to be an extensive country with a main landmass that includes numerous islands (Greece map). Geographically it falls between Italy to the west across the Ionian Sea and Turkey to the east across the Aegean Sea.

The epicenter of Greece is Athens, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This historical city is an equally booming modern metropolis with a number of attractions to offer to all types of visitors, whether you want to visit this beautiful city for the historical and archaeological sites, or just prefer to enjoy the beautiful Greek beaches and the sunshine. A senior survival guide is available for Athens and has lots of great suggestions. Ancient and modern life exist side-by-side in Athens. The city was named after the Greek goddess Athena. As the capital of Greece, it is a frequent starting point for travelers. Dating back more than 3,000 years, Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe, according to

Regarded as the birthplace of civilization and thanks to its warm climate, rain free days, sea breezes, relaxed atmosphere, tasty cuisine, and rich history, Athens is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It’s also among the safest, which encourages residents and senior visitors alike to savor it day and night. So which cities are the best ones to visit? ehow suggests these and then tells why. Travelers are often dumbfounded by Greece’s scenery which has the most blue and white from the world. The country offers an invigorating mélange of ancient archaeological sites, chic design hotels, countryside tavernas (small restaurants serving Greek cuisine), family-orientated seashore resorts and hedonistic dance clubs. Indeed, most travelers are here specifically to see the sights of the ancient wonders from the Delphi Temple of Apollo  in Athens to the ruins of the Minoan city of Knossos on Crete.

The cultural and historical background of Greece has sprinkled the landscapes with ruins that span six thousand years. The alternating invaders, the peaceful settlers, and the country’s position at the crossroads between east and west, have all left their mark on the Greek cultural landscape. Archaeological sites abound in the country side, and museums in cities protect priceless artifacts from antiquity.

The peak holiday season in Greece is from early July to the end of August, when temperatures are higher, and crowds of foreigners and locals alike travel to the Greek islands. You won’t miss out on warm weather if you come in June or September , excellent times almost everywhere but particularly in the islands. December to March are the coldest and least reliable months, though even then there are many crystal-clear, fine days, and the glorious lowland flowers begin to bloom very early in spring.

If you live in the Americas, the only way to get to Greece is by airplane. There are few airlines that offer non-stop flights to Athens from New York (usually JFK airport). The Greek carrier, Olympic airways, offers non-stop service from JFK to Eleftherions Venizelos airport in Athens. Delta also flies directly to Athens. A traveler can find indirect flights to Athens with many major and minor airlines, an option that is usually preferred by budget conscious travelers.

From my own experience the best vacations are often measured not by where one visits, but rather by the many positive contacts made while visiting. Many of the best are sheer happenstance and unplanned like meeting people who prove to be helpful with suggestions, discovering for yourselves “off the trail” discoveries and locating great dining by luck. Frommers agrees and suggests that you leave the beaten path and “persist against your body’s and mind’s signals that this may be pushing too far, leave the main routes and major attractions behind, and make your own discoveries of landscape, villages, or activities.”
Enjoy your visit to  Greece!      jeb

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