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Thinking about going to China? Then check out some of these helpful resources.  I am strongly considering travel to China for our fiftieth wedding anniversary in just a couple of years.  Don’t tell my wife as it is supposed to be a complete surprise! 

There are so many places in the world that I would like to see before I expire.  How about you?  I made a list of 96 things I want to do before I die.  I got the idea from a friend in the mathematic department of our school. I got to about 75 then it got kind weak, but I continued until I arrived at Earl’s magic number of 96.  When I “knock one off” I add one back.  My wife wanted me to categorize and put them in order.  I told her to make her own list. 

I find China totally facinating.  The country is in total flux.  Changing almost daily.  There are so many places to visit and now so many tourist agencies to plan the trip.  I want a total package with all meals, a fluent guide, a reliable bus/airplane/boat and a small group of senior travelers.  How about you?  Google came up with lots of possibilites.

I feel strongly about Smithsonian Journeys; I was a tour group leader of two of their trips to France. Check out their tours to China.  I feel the same about Exploritas. Both are high class and extremely well done, plus I enjoy an “all-inclusive” trip.  How about you?

Travel China Guide is the largest online tour operator in China. Their travel consultants offer many choices–from luxurious group packages to tailor-made private tours–with 24-hour toll-free services for guests. Plan today to explore Chinese civilization in this beautiful and mysterious land.  Of course I feel that you can’t go wrong on my own Best Chinese Websites page.  Here you will find dozens of helpful sites for almost every possible use of the language including listening to helpful simple phrases to let you communicate minimally for the most basic of needs.  Learn how to say HELLO, Goodbye, Thank You etc. on this site.

Digital Dialects is loaded with phrases, greetings, numbers, vocabulary and much more.  If you want to greet the waiter in your favorite Chinese restautant, this is a site for you.

The National Tourist Office in Los Angeles has this site for you to check out. Discover more about China by regions, provinces and cities.  jeb

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