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Lists of Favorite Cities

It seems like America is full of “favorite cities” and for good reason.  Undoubtedly we have our own list.  Travel & Leisure magazine took a poll asking travelers to rate 35 of their favorite domestic destinations.  You can look them up in the November 2011 issue (pp.124-128). See how they compare with your own thoughts on each topic.

They go by categories such as friendly, stylish, attractive, best cafés, ethnic food and so forth.  See if you agree.  For the most attractive city those reporting selected San Juan.  Attractive: San Juan. Friendly: New Orleans. Intelligent: Seattle. For Food and Cafés: New Orleans. Fine Dining: New Orleans. Ethnic Food: San Juan. Barbecue: Kansas City (Guess there aren’t any in New Orleans or San Juan).

Favorites for Quality of Life, Culture and Music

How about quality of life? For cleanliness they selected Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Affordability: Kansas City. Safety: Portland, Maine. Weather: San Diego.  For shopping and luxury stores: NYC (of course!). For Flea Markets: New Orleans.  Design/Interiors Stores: Santa Fe.  Antique Shops: New Orleans. Are you counting?  Norlans is doing great!

For Culture and Classical Music: NYC. Historic Sites and Monuments: Philadelphia. Museums: Washington, DC.  Theater: NYC. Ready for some good nightlife?  Try a good Cocktail Hour city first and go with New Orleans (again!).  Singles/Bar Scene: New Orleans. Live Music/Concerts and Bands again Norlans.

Guess that just about says it all.  I will enhance New Orleans via a couple more helpful links; and my friends at TripAdvisor say to include Bourbon Street and Preservation Hall.  If you are making up your own “Bucket List” how about trying to take each of these cities and their speciality before you die and enjoy the culture, food and good times.  jeb

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