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Quiz Time for Seniors

Being a teacher for over 35 years, I have asked a myriad of questions over my career.  I still do. Senior students, I am going to ask you here if you can name the largest capital cities in the US, or better yet, can you name just five. Now don’t cheat.  Write down on a list five of the largest ones and see how you compare as you read on below, okay?

States like NY and California have huge cities like NYC and LA but their state capitals do not compare in size by any measure.  Can you name their state capitals?

So where are they?
Let’s start with Phoenix in the Valley of the Sun.  It has a population of over 1.6 million.  #2 is a big surprise.  Indianapolis with just over 800,000.  Then it’s Austin 786,000; Columbus (OH) 769,000 and Boston 645,000. Colorado comes in next with its capital Denver with 610,000+.  Music City is next with 605,000 (Nashville, TN). Still more surprises.  Oklahoma City #8 (506,000+), Atlanta (540,000), then Sacramento with 466,000 at #10 that was a surprise to me too. I did love the state capital building in Sacramento.  It is really beautiful.

Let’s talk small now
There are some really small state capitals as well.  Can you name just five? The first one is way up in Vermont.  Montpelier is small with just over 7,700 folks.  Burlington (VT) has almost 39,000, so why isn’t it the capital.  Who knows?  Can you name the capital with the good French name? Sioux Falls (SD) is out there too and has 157,000 inhabitants but is not the capital.  Pierre is with only 14,000 happy Dakotans.  Those lobster folks have Augusta with about 19,000 but Portland dwarfs that city with over 63,000. Bluegrass country has Lexington-Fayette that is huge with almost 300,000 but Frankfort (27,000+) remains the state capital.  These are followed up with Helena (MT) – 30,000, Juneau (AL) – 30,000 (Anchorage has 286,000 cold-loving folks); Dover (DE) is small (36,000+) over Wilmington with 73,000+; Annapolis with only just over 36,000  is dwarfed by Baltimore (637,000).  We round out the last two with Jefferson City – 41,000+ while up north in MO KansasCity has nearly a half million Kansas Citians. Concord, number 10 at 42,000 while Manchester has over 100,000+ inhabitants.

Seniors Citizens, Did You Learn Anything Here?

I hope so.  The largest cities, throughout history, are also quite interesting. I discovered that there are umpteen different numbers on the largest cities in the world.  I used to think that it was Mexico City, then NYC, then maybe London or Tokyo. Take a look at this list and then this one too where Tokyo is #13 and Shanghai is #1.  Who counts anyway and how do they count people who are continually on the move in and out of a city like Mexico City? Moscow, Sao Paulo, Istanbul and Delhi snuck in here along with Karachi, Pakistan. Well seniors, that’s enough on population trends trends and demography.  Why not put a couple on your Bucket List and when you arrive there ask several locals how many people live in their city and you will undoubtedly have a good variety of responses.  Hope you enjoyed this blog.  jeb

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