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There are places to visit in the world that are ‘off the grid’ meaning modern utilities are not present and available to residents and visitors.  Visiting such places can be an experience in returning to an earlier era in which people lived off the land.  Here is a list of off the grid locations that might interest senior travelers:

Bhutan: Tourists were locked out of Bhutan until 1974 which means the raw beauty of this undiscovered Kingdom lies in its classified approach to cultural identity. Piece together its hidden details; take a second look at vertiginous valley walls to make-out intricate ancient settlements gouged into the rock face.

Chile:  Solitude seekers head to northern Chile into the arms of the wild winds of the Atacama Desert. Stretching over 620 miles, the fringes of this arid plateau touch both the Andes and the Pacific making this the setting for some of nature’s most powerful climatic extremes.

Syria:  Old Damascus is a city that time forgot. Maze-like alleys twist through ancient sandstone buildings that appear to have landed Tetris-like on geometric foundations. You’ll get lost, and you’ll enjoy it: the glint of opulent Arabian details reveal themselves to be even more beautiful in the failing light at the day’s end.

Mongolia:  The Gobi Desert of Southern Mongolia hosts the clearest view of the night sky you’re ever likely to see this side of the stratosphere. Lie back on slow-baked sands and re-acquaint yourself with the heavenly dot-to-dot.

Mozambique:  Pansy Island is a teeny-tiny temporal paradise that emerges from Mozambique’s waters at low tide. A daily gift, this ethereal island is little more than a sprinkling of white sand, crystal waters and pansy shells- quintessential castaway bliss.

Iceland:  Drown out the madding crowd as you plunge deep into the Kool-Aid blue glacial waters between the tectonic plates of the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland. Silence will not have looked this good before.

Namibia:  Coyly nick-named The Land God Made in Anger, Namibia’s deserted coastline is the closest to an abyss you’re ever likely to experience. This is rare beauty. Scale architectural dunes and witness the sun’s rays electrify gemstone beaches and glistening crystalline salt pans.

Costa Rica:  Teetering on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, across the Gulf of Nicoya, these immaculate white beaches are guarded by a periphery of steamy dense jungle. A seaside excursion here is not simply a question of parking the car and unloading the deck chairs – negotiate the forest to be the first to make footprints on sun-bleached bays.

Papua New Guinea:  Wake up to the polyphonic chatter of tropical birdsong in Papua New Guinea. Here in the Tari Valley the life of the local Hulu tribesman is centered upon the ebb and flow of the Karawari River; experience uninterrupted views of kaleidoscopic rain forest, punctuated with dramatic waterfalls and gargantuan flora.

French Guiana:  Devil’s Island secured its place in history as a notorious French penal colony in the 19th century, Isles du Diable. For a wholly unique ‘escape’, fall of the grid and throw away the key in the tropical wilds of this atmospheric corner of South America.

Island in the Sky Utah:  Canyonlands National Park is bigger than some states. Parts of it are so complex and challenging to navigate that the rangers won’t allow you to hike in before you demonstrate you know how to find your way. 

Regarding travel planning:  Seniors, if you want to plan travel to any of these sites, be sure you research first what is required.  Enlist the services of a guide if that is recommended.  Enjoy!  jeb

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